Tuesday, August 18, 2015

jennuine designs moto jacket blog tour

I love moto jackets!  I really, really (did I mention really?!?) want one for myself, but as usual, Mae is getting one instead ;)  This is the Moto Jacket Pattern from Jennuine Designs.  If you don't already own a copy of the pattern, you can get it from Jenn's shop this week for 25% off with the code MotoTour!  Also, if you head over to A Jennuine Life, there are several giveaways this week!

Although this isn't an official review of the pattern, I just have to say that overall it is a wonderful pattern!  The directions are excellent even for the more complicated components such as the welt pockets and the zipper.  Jenn walks you through the construction step by step just in case you aren't comfortable with any of the techniques.  And the finished product is adorable and right on trend!

I really don't like indoor pictures, but sometimes (actually quite often!) I just have to make do.  It was cloudy yesterday which is perfect for outdoor pictures, but unfortunately it was 90 degrees, which isn't so perfect when you are wearing a lined sweatshirt ;)  And since we just got back from vacation this weekend (if you can call traveling anywhere with six kids a vacation!) and I'm feeling particularly lazy and unproductive at the moment (and just spent a full day in a car with all the kids) I didn't exactly feel like finding an alternate location for pictures.  So I put Mae in front of a wall in my bedroom that has a window nearby and called it good, bad lighting and all!

I sewed the size four hoping that Mae can wear it for two years, but it fits pretty well right now, so I doubt it will last for more than a year :(  I think it runs true to the size chart in the pattern, but it's intended to be a skinny sleeve, so when I lined it, it came out a little smaller than I wanted.  Fortunately the fabric I used is nice and stretchy so at least it's not uncomfortable or anything! 

Mae absolutely loves the pockets in her Moto Jacket!  I adore the welt pockets in the pattern, but I don't love making welt pockets from a knit, so I borrowed the pocket shape from another pattern I own and made a kangaroo pocket instead.

I also made a few other changes to the pattern.  I fully lined the sleeves rather than just the bodice.  In Michigan, if it's cold enough to need a lined sweatshirt, then it's cold enough to need lined sleeves as well.  And probably hat and gloves too, but I'll save those for another day :)

The most obvious change is the addition of the peplum skirt.  Because, again, if it's cold enough for anything lined, then it's cold enough for your butt to freeze too ;)  Plus it adds a little more of a girly touch!  Since I decided to add the peplum, I omitted the bottom facings on the bodice lining.  I did keep the front facings and created facings for the peplum too so everything would match on the inside.

Pandas - 95/5 cotton/lycra from Jumping June Textiles on Facebook
Pink stripe - 95/5 cotton/lycra from Jumping June Textiles on Facebook
Solid pink - 95/5 cotton/lycra from Jumping June Textiles on Facebook
Black ribbing - 95/5 cotton rib from Ottobre Designs

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