Tuesday, December 8, 2015

six degrees of separation - sew the show blog tour

Welcome to the next stop on the Sew The Show blog tour called "6 Degrees of Separation" - it's a loop of shows or movies connected by a common actor, director, or significant other. And the whole tour will start and end with Kevin Bacon! If you're inspired to sew to any of the shows, feel free to share them with the tags #sewtheshow and #sewsixdegrees (or the cheeky alternative #baconsewsexy) on social media.

The movie before me (with posts from Jennifer and Melissa) was Whip It.  How does that link to Ever After?  Through Drew Barrymore, of course!  Drew Barrymore has been in a ton of movies, but choosing one was easy for me because my girls LOVE Ever After!  They watch it with Grandma all the time, so I'm pretty familiar with the clothes in the show.

However, even though I love the clothes in the movie (and would honestly love to walk around dressed like this every day!) they aren't exactly 21st century friendly except as costumes.  So I needed to come up with a modern version similar to this outfit while staying somewhat true to the late 15th century.  No problem, right?!?

I love this look on Drew's face!  I'm pretty sure I've seen the same look from my kids a few times ;)

As I watched and rewatched (and rewatched again) Ever After, the things that stuck out the most were the layers and the square necklines.  There was also a fair amount of trims and braids used as embellishment.  So I tried to use those elements, while pretty much ignoring everything else, such as floor length hems and detachable sleeves, neither of which seemed like a good idea for a four year old!  Also, I wanted every piece to be versatile enough to wear separately, so I wouldn't be making an outfit that only gets worn when we're in a 15th century mood, which, just in case you were wondering, is actually quite rare.

Both the dress and the tunic underneath are patterns from two of my Japanese pattern books.  The dress is a combination of patterns C & L from this book, and the tunic is pattern 2 on pattern sheet A from this book.  The book says it is pattern A and then has an uppercase B next to the directions, so it actually took me a while to find the correct pattern for the tunic.  I guess B and 2 are interchangeable when translated from Japanese to English.  The faux leather leggings are made from the Abby's Footed Tights pattern by The Wolf and the Tree which I already blogged about here.

This outfit was quite fun to make since it is so different from what I usually make, but it was something of a pain.  First, the fabric used for the cream tunic was awful.  It was impossible to find the grain, and then once I did, I couldn't keep it from twisting all over the place.  Then it liked to slide all over the place as I sewed.  I ended up trimming the fabric a whole lot more than I normally do just to make seams line up properly.  I originally bought the fabric to make a shirt for myself, but I'm seriously rethinking that plan right now!  And then for the dress, I chose one of the easiest fabrics to work with, pima cotton broadcloth, which irons and sews like a dream.  But I screwed that up by using metallic bias tape which frays, slides all over the place, and has no stretch to speak of.  I probably won't be using that again either!

Dress - Pima cotton broadcloth, metallic bias tape
Leggings - Stretch faux leather from Joann's
Shirt - Twill weave rayon challis from Cali Fabrics
Boots - Target

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  1. That's a beautiful outfit for your modern day princess. I love the green, it will be great for the holidays but anytime too.

  2. This is so darling! My four-year-old would be all about that dress!

  3. So sweet. And your daughter somewhat really assembles Drew Barrymore. So fun, this was the perfect outfit for her!

  4. Beautiful! I LOVE that show and this is a great rendition!

  5. Love this outfit! It is such a great rendition of the dress.

  6. LOVE this movie! I have that pattern book too and have been dying to make it. I love the little dress you made! It's adorable!