Friday, October 2, 2015

Mae's fall capsule sudoku (with pattern links)

While I was taking a short break from sewing for myself, I decided to spend a few minutes working on something a little more fun (i.e. requires less fitting and pattern alterations!)  Here's my sudoku for Mae's capsule wardrobe.  She honestly has enough clothes this year thanks to hand-me-downs, but I love sewing for her, so too bad, she getting more clothes ;)

Pattern Links (left to right starting on top row):
 - Ottobre 4/2013 No.20, LouBee Hosh Pants, Ottobre 4/2015 No.11
 - Puperita Dragon Vest, Made Kid Shorts, Ottobre 4/2015 No.7
 - Jennuine Designs Dressage Leggings, CTW Izzy Top, Hey June Greenpoint Cardigan
 - Cropped sweatshirt (self drafted), Sis Boom Ethan, Ottobre 4/2015 No.9

I tried to use mostly fabrics and patterns that I already own, combined with shoes that Mae already has, to keep as a low cost capsule.  The only things I need to purchase are the plaid for the Ethan shirt, the fur for the Puperita vest, and the black boots which I was planning to purchase anyway.  I have no idea when I will actually get around to sewing everything, but hopefully I will be able to get started next week.  And since Mae doesn't truly need any of it, I'm not too worried about finishing within any particular time frame.  It's nice sometimes to just be able to sew for fun!

Sudoku resources if you want to make your own:
  • Free Notion - Printable Sudoku with some info on how to fill it in (this was my inspiration for creating both my own and Mae's sudoku)
  • Sue Sews (So-So) - This was the inspiration for the Free Notion printable.  It is geared towards fashion and not sewing, but it's still helpful
  • Melly Sews - Another printable with slightly different categories.  It was developed for the Pattern Anthology Unbiased collection, but it could be modified for any patterns. As I was reading the post, I realized you have to sign up for an email list to get the free printable, so that may not appeal to everyone (i.e. me! I don't sign up for newsletters that I don't want just for a freebie)

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