Thursday, September 3, 2015

MadeIt fashion week - FOLD |2 collection

I figured I would start out with the fun stuff and then move on to more pictures, so here are some details on how to win a FOLD collection pattern or a €50 voucher from NOSH!!!

The first way to win is to answer a question that Anna & Olu will post on Facebook or Instagram at random times of the day.  The first person to correctly answer the question (the answer will be found in the fashion show blog posts for the day) will win a pattern of their choice from the FOLD collection.

The second way to win is to leave a comment on Needle and Ted on day 7 of Fashion Week (Sunday September 6th) letting Olu know your favorite part of the fashion shows from the week.  Olu will then pick a random winner from the comments who will receive a €50 voucher from NOSH!!!

The third way to win (that's right, there are three separate ways to win!) is to take part in Anna & Olu's giveaway on Instagram.  This winner will also receive a €50 voucher from NOSH.

After you win a pattern or voucher for yourself, I'm asking for a little help to win a voucher of my own :)  It would be wonderful if you could leave a comment on the blog with your favorite bit of origami from my post.  Anna and Olu will choose one winner with the best origami (or origami-ish in the case of my post!) from the fashion week participants to win a €50 voucher from NOSH.  And trust me when I say that I like fabric just as much as you do!!!

I have been a fan of Olu from Needle & Ted for quite a while, and I was excited when I heard that she paired up with Anna from MadeIt patterns.  Their new collection is FOLD |2, which is rather ingeniously inspired by the Japanese art of origami.  I chose to use two of the patterns, the Petal Fold Playsuit Separates and the Pocket Fold Skirt, which I combined into a rather artsy dress that looks nothing like what I would normally make :)  Lately I've been a little bored with sewing everyday basic clothes, so I opted to make something different and way outside of my comfort zone!

I thought I would make this clear from the beginning - origami is not a hobby of mine and I'm not really that good at it!  But I figured I would give it my best shot ... and now I'm singing this song in my head :)

The only obvious origami is the butterfly on the front of the dress.  I used this tutorial, and I have to admit that it was pretty easy.  I'm pretty sure Mae could have done it on her own with just a bit of practice!  The more subtle nod to origami is the use of the front and back of the fabric just like two sided paper in traditional origami.  The darker side of the denim has a gold metallic sheen, and the lighter side is a lovely medium grey/blue.  The contrast between the two is beautiful, but I thought the dress needed a little more bling so I added metallic gold flat piping to many of the seams.  After all, the seaming detail is what makes the FOLD |2 collection patterns unique, so I though I would highlight it as much as possible.

I can't say enough nice things about MadeIt patterns!  The sizing is perfect.  The directions are phenomenal even on the more complicated parts.  The styles are unique in the sewing world, which is saying a lot since the market is so incredibly flooded with patterns.  I could probably go on and on, but it all boils down to how much I love the patterns!  I'm actually considering making a version of the Petal Fold Playsuit next, which is the real test of how much I love the patterns since I generally avoid rompers like the plague!

Changes to the top:
  • Bodice is fully lined instead of using a facing
  • The back closes with a zipper rather than a button placket
  • Flat piping was added to several of the seams
  • The center panel was highlighted with an origami butterfly rather than pleating

Changes to the skirt:
  • The center front is sewed as a seam rather than overlapped and buttoned
  • Flat piping was added to some of the seams

Denim - Joann's
Bias Tape - Joann's
Shoes - Target
Headband - Target

20% OFF Madeit patterns

I hope you are as excited I am, here is the complete list of shows to keep your eye open for...

Monday 31 August

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  1. Gosh I love this, it is sensational. The addition of gold piping is genius. I agree this is not the kind of style I usually see from Climbing the Willow, so I am especially pleased to hear that you love the pattern.

    Thank you so much for taking part in Madeit Fashion Week and for all those compliments. I'm blushing right now.

    1. I love well thought out patterns no matter the style. And sometimes it's just fun to sew something totally different! I have really enjoyed reading all the posts for Fashion Week, and I can't wait until you release your next collection ... that is, once you recover from all the work that went into this one ;)

  2. Very clever mash up of the styles, looks really great, is that a gold zip I see? its amazing and your origami is fab!
    Yes and thank you so much for your lovely comments about our patterns :)

    1. I couldn't resist the gold zipper ;) I meant to include in my post that one of the best things about the patterns is how easily I was able to combine them. I love the consistency in sizing, which is surprisingly lacking in other patterns!

  3. Im so inspired by your design. I love the look you created

    1. Thanks! MadeIt patterns make it so easy to create something great!

  4. I love it! Especially that piping -- and the gold zipper, wow! <3 Such a cool interpretation of the patterns!

    1. Thanks Emi! Every girl needs a little bit of bling ;)

  5. I just LOVE these patterns! They are so unique!

    1. I agree - Olu and Anna did a phenomenal job!

  6. That butterfly! <3 and all the extra piping!! Really love your look.

    1. Thanks! That butterfly is just about the extent of Origami I've done in my like. Although I did like to make Cootie Catchers when I was a kid, so maybe that was good practice ;)

  7. This is just awesome! Love the addition of the zipper, and that butterfly - easy or not - is a perfect detail!