Thursday, July 2, 2015

pattern review - designs by call ajaire (dbca) paneled sunsuit

Today I'm thrilled to review the Paneled Sunsuit, the debut pattern from Ajaire at Designs by Call Ajaire!  There are so many options in this pattern including dresses, tops, bottoms, and sunsuits - really a whole wardrobe worth of options :)  I chose to make the shorts for now, but I have plans to sew more pieces later!  Disclaimer - I was part of the testing process for this pattern, but I opted to make something totally different than what I tested so my review would not be biased by the testing.

General Review - This is hands down the most thorough pattern I have ever sewn!  I will use it again :)

What I like -  Nothing is left to chance ;)  I'm pretty sure every scenario you might possibly encounter while choosing a size, printing, taping, cutting or sewing is covered somewhere in this tutorial.  I also really like the fit of these shorts - they fit exactly as I would expect based on the size chart.  Not to mention, they are also really cute!  The sheer number of options included in the pattern makes it worth the money - sunsuit, jumpsuit, jumper, maxi dress, shorts, pants, maxi skirt, knee length skirt and two different tops! 

Things I would do differently or didn't like -  Bizarrely enough, the thing I like most about the pattern is also what I like least.  The tutorial is incredibly thorough, as I mentioned above, but that means that I have to skim through a lot of pages to find what I am looking for.  For a beginner sewer this would be lovely, but for me (since I usually ignore instructions entirely) I just want to find that elastic measurement I want without reading everything else.  Maybe more of a laziness thing on my part, but I don't usually care about much beyond pattern pieces when I choose a pattern ;)  I also had issues cutting the size 3T because the line is yellow and on my black & white printer it happened to be the same color as the grey tones used on the pattern.  I didn't test the size 3T, otherwise I would have mentioned this to Ajaire earlier.

Changes I made (no matter how small!) -I used longer elastic in the legs so it wouldn't be quite as fitted.  I also modified the pocket slightly so that it is a single pattern piece and then placed the it on the fabric across the grain rather than with the grain because I wanted the stripes to run in the other direction.  The only other change I remember (I'm sure there are more that I don't recall at the moment!) was that I used 3/8" elastic in the legs since I didn't have any 1/4", although I doubt it made much of a difference in the finished product.

Here's the inside of the shorts.  You can see how I modified the pockets so they are one piece rather than two.

Lightweight linen from Joann's


  1. Haha, I am the same way with long tutorials! I am a skimmer as well so I kept thinking that even though I was happy it was going to be thorough. I think maybe I could add a cheat sheet version which isn't so detailed!

    1. Cheat sheets are good ;) But I would rather have too much detail than not enough, which is why the thoroughness is still my favorite thing about the pattern!

  2. The shorts are gorgeous. I'm glad you showed them inside out because I didn't quite get what you meant you did with the pockets. I get it now. Quicker that way, good idea.

    1. This is definitely a case of a picture is worth a thousand words! And I can't claim any credit for the idea ... Mae's H&M pants had pockets like these ;)