Wednesday, July 8, 2015

bluebird top as a dress

Here's a quick look at view b of the Bluebird Top - the dress!  This is the fourth version I've made this week, and at this point, I'm pretty sure I can sew it in my sleep.  Which is good since I plan on sewing another one tonight to test a small change to the pattern, and I'm a bit sleep deprived at the moment :)  I'm sure if I could stop reading at night I could fix the sleep deprivation, but it never quite seems worth it while I'm in the middle of a really good (or even not so good, I'm not very picky) book!

I really should sew something else soon!  I started making some undies for Mae last week, and they are still sitting next to my sewing machine half finished.  And since they only take about 20 minutes each to make, there is no excuse to not finish them!  Plus I'm pretty much done with Mae's summer clothes, and the other kids didn't really need anything this year, so I'd like to get a head start on fall sewing.  It is my favorite season with all the layering possibilities, so I tend to go a bit overboard, but it's okay because I justify it by telling myself that we have really long winters and I would get tired of seeing the same things over and over again :)

Tulip print - Joann's 


  1. Hi Teri,
    I really love this pattern - as well as the bluebird top you posted a few days ago. How can I get the pattern, please?

    1. I haven't finished drafting it yet, but it will be available soon :)