Monday, July 13, 2015

baby bib with catch-all pocket

This tutorial was originally posted at Fort Worth Fabric Studio as part of the Oh Sew Baby Series.  It is a "catch all pocket" that can be added to my Baby Bib pattern, which you can download here and find the tutorial for here.  Although I know as well as you do that no bib is truly able to catch all of anything thrown by an enthusiastic toddler :)  The name catch all just happens to sound better than "catch significantly less than you would think possible but only if your toddler just so happens to be in the mood to eat neatly and only drop things down the front of them!"  I guess if all else fails you can hang it on a hook across the room and let your toddler aim for the bib pocket like a basketball hoop.  The mess will probably be contained about the same amount as it would be at any other meal ;)

Bib Pattern (mine can be found here)
Fat Quarter for Bib Front
Fat Quarter for Bib Backing
Approx. 12" x 5" for Pocket Front
12" x 5" Piece of Interfacing (optional)
12" Bias Binding

Creating the Pocket Pattern Piece:
  1. Cut out one complete bib pattern and an additional bottom half of the pattern.
  2. Draw a line parallel to the bottom of the bib at the desired pocket height (shown at 4" in the picture) and cut on the line.
  3. Cut the new piece down the center.
  4. Split the two halves by 1" and connect with a scrap piece of paper as shown below.  This is your new pocket pattern piece.

Cutting the fabric:
  1. Cut one front from the desired fabric - quilting cottons work quite well.
  2. Cut one backing from desired fabric - sweatshirt fleece is shown but chenille, terry cloth and flannel all work very well also.  You can also use a waterproof fabric such as PUL for the backing.
  3. Cut bib interlining for more absorbancy if needed (optional - not shown)
  4. Cut one pocket piece from quilting cotton or other contrasting fabric.
  5. Cut interfacing from pocket pattern piece if you are using a lightweight fabric.
  6. Cut 12" of bias binding

Creating the Pocket:
  1. Fuse interfacing to the back of the pocket piece using the directions provided with the interfacing.
  2. Place one edge of bias binding along the top edge of the pocket, right sides together.  Sew along the fold line of the bias binding.
  3. Turn the bias binding over the edge of the pocket piece and stitch about 1/8" away from the edge being sure to catch the back side of the bias binding in the seam.

Attaching the pocket
  1. Fold both the pocket and the bib in half vertically and mark the center of each piece.
  2. Pin the pocket to the bib with the wrong side of the pocket facing the right side of the bib front.  Baste the pocket to the bib front with a 1/4" seam matching the centers.  This line of stitching will be hidden during the final construction of the bib.

To finish constructing the bib, please head over to my blog and follow this tutorial.  Essentially you can ignore the pocket for the rest of the bib construction and just treat the front piece with the pocket the same as the front piece in the tutorial.

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