Thursday, June 11, 2015

everyday basics - cuffed denim shorts

As much as I love sewing a beautiful dress, I feel the most accomplished when I sew an every day basic that I know Mae will wear frequently.  I love that she can swing on the swings, ride her bike and run around outside like a crazy girl in something that I made!  And one of my favorite basics is a paired of cuffed denim shorts.  I made this pair that I loved two years ago (and she still wore them last year!) so I decided to use the same pattern Kid Shorts by MADE and just make them bigger (size 4) for this year.  But I didn't want exactly the same shorts, so I made a few changes to the pattern.  First, I chose to make a separate waistband instead of just folding over the top edge since Mae doesn't need a full elastic waist to pull up over cloth diapers any more.  Second, I added pockets, which Mae insists are necessary in everything she wears :)  And finally, I finished them with a bunch of topstitching and wide cuffs just because I can!  The shorts are a bit big (both wide and long) but I wanted them to fit for two years again, because denim shorts are not very exciting to make, so I'd rather make them every other year ;)

For some reason I never took a picture of the back of the shorts, but they are quite plain since I opted to not add any additional pockets.  I did put an elastic waist in the back because they wouldn't have stayed up otherwise :)

I love how these shorts look on the inside!  The waist and the cuffs have no raw edges showing, and the serging on the pockets and the seams turned out fairly neat compared to some of my seams ;)

Stretch Denim


  1. Every girl should have such basic but beautiful shorts in their wardrobe!

  2. Those look really nice and the inside is pretty too which can be hard, lol!