Wednesday, June 17, 2015

canadian pattern designer blog tour - e&m patterns No. 6

Just a little housekeeping before I get to the sewing :) Be sure to scroll all the way down to the end of this post for a fabulous giveaway from E+M Patterns!  And then head over to Lulu & Celeste for an even bigger giveaway with over $400 in prizes!!!  Also, use can use coupon code CANADATOUR from June 15th to the 20th for 25% off any E+M Patterns purchase from either the Etsy shop or the website.  And now on to the sewing!

Disclaimer - I did receive this pattern is exchange for participating in the blog tour.  I do not consider this to be an official review of the pattern because I don't think people (including me!) can actually give an unbiased review of something that they received for free.  Although, in my biased opinion (sewing humor!) it is a great pattern :)  Nerd moment - there are several studies done on exactly this topic and it turns out that people are much more critical of things that they pay more money for.  That's why you are perfectly willing to buy that incredibly ugly skirt at Old Navy that's on mega sale for $2.99 (90% off woo hoo!!!!!) when you never would have considered it for even a second at the full price of $29.99.  Your sense of worth flies right out the window in the face of a great deal, and I'm assuming the same thing happens when given a free pattern, since there are probably less than five negative reviews in the sewing blog world when the pattern was free.  In fact, I challenge you to even find two :)

I say this often on the blog, but it bears repeating - I rarely use a pattern more than once, at least not without making significant modifications.  But every once in a while, I come across a pattern that is a great basic, and I can't help but sew up a couple versions.  Enter the E+M Patterns Girl's Dress and Shirt No.6 :)  It's a great basic (although it has several variations including a top and two dresses) that is a quick sew and fits beautifully.  Plus, the design is simple enough that I was able to use a few busy prints that might get lost in a fussier pattern.

This is the first version I made with a gathered front, the keyhole back, and the arm and neck bindings called for in the pattern.  I sewed the size two with the size four length.  One of the things that I absolutely loved about this pattern is that it includes ease measurements.  So I was able to use that info along with Mae's measurements to figure out that I wanted to size down to a two even though her measurements said I should sew a size three, all because I wanted less ease than the pattern provides.  That's so much better than sewing a version just to determine the fit!  The pants in this picture are a modified version of a Japanese sewing pattern I had used in the past to make leggings.

I mentioned recently that Mae's favorite color is blue.  And I'm never going to be able to forget that since she tells me at least three times a day :)  So when I got this puffin fabric in the mail, Mae immediately told me to make her something.  The poor girl had to wait a while since I was in the middle of several other projects, but I did get to it fairly quickly, and now she just loves her blue birdy tee!

For the puffin tee I stuck with the same size from the first top since I love the fit, but I opted to omit the keyhole back so I could use flat bindings on both the arms and the neck.  This is essentially the perfect basic tee - simple but with little details like the gathered front and a subtle high-low hem.  I can see this getting worn quite frequently this summer!

I wasn't exactly thrilled with the Japanese pattern I used to make the first pair of cuffed crop pants, so I decided to try out the free E+M Girl's Leggings Pattern No.8 for this pair.  The pattern is capri length so I just shorted them a bit and added cuffs.  I used the size four which is a little big because I didn't want them to be super skin tight.  I would say they fit true to size since other size fours are slightly big on Mae as well.  The only real change I made was to add a fold over yoga waistband to the top.  I didn't modify the crotch length since I thought it looked pretty short, but it turns out I should have at least taken a little off of the front to accommodate the yoga waistband.  I'll just chalk that up to a lesson learned for the next pair ;)

The third version of this top is the aline dress included in the pattern, although Mae's dress is actually a nightgown.  And to say that she likes this would be a vast understatement!  I have never seen her so excited about anything I've made for her.  When I first showed it to her she was jumping up and down and telling me how much she loves the flowers, and how it's so soft, and that, even though it's not blue, she loves it because yellow is my favorite color.  Talk about melting my heart!  I don't think any of my kids have ever loved something so much just because they thought the color made me happy.  I have to confess that she did end up with an extra popsicle that night ;) 

Toucan print - 95/5 cotton/spandex jersey from The Fabric Geeks Facebook group
Pink knit - Joann's
Puffins print - 95/5 cotton/spandex jersey from Jumping June Textiles Facebook group
Solid black & black/grey stripes - upcycled
Yellow floral print - 95/5 cotton/spandex jersey from The Fabric Geeks Facebook group
Hot pink binding - 1x1 cotton elastine rib knit from OttobreDesign on Etsy

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  1. Lucky little one! These are so cute and look super comfy. I especially love the puffins! The nightgown is a great idea - I know my little girl would be thrilled with one of these.

    1. We are all about comfy in our house! That's probably the only consistent theme in my sewing ;)

  2. Love the different looks you got with one pattern! Isn't it just the best when they get excited about something we make them :)!

    1. I'm lucky ... my kids usually like what I make for them! Then again, I usually ask them before I make anything rather than wasting my time on something they won't wear :)

  3. Thank you Teri for taking part in the tour!! I love all the versions you made, but those puffins! LOVE them :)