Wednesday, June 24, 2015

bias hem tank (almost but not quite long enough) dress

I realize that Mae's summer clothes are pretty much all knit tanks and cropped pants, but that's all she really wears, so I figured I might as well make things that are worn frequently rather than a beautiful dress that never leaves the closet!  This latest tank is drafted with my basic bodice pattern as a base and includes an a-line shape and a high low curved hem. 

The length is a bit awkward, shorter than a dress, but longer (at least in the back) than most tunics.  If I make it again, I can't decide if I would rather make it shorter like a true tunic, or if it would look better as a knee length dress. For now, there is a pair of red knee length cropped pants (same pattern as the pink pair in this post) hanging around the house somewhere that Mae can wear with the dress/tunic.  I'm sure I'll find them eventually, but I think they are hiding in the sewing room, so it might take a bit of looking ;)

I just love this fabric combo!  I used the feather fabric once before (way back in this post) and although I don't like how thin it is or the lack of stretch, the print more than makes up for both of those things.  Every once in a while the way a fabric looks is more important than the quality - the colors in this print really appeal to me so I chose to ignore the negatives.  On the other hand, the red & cream stripe on the back is high quality and I love it :)

And here's the inside.  Pretty much the whole top is finished with bias binding with the exception of the inner side seam.

Feather print - Girl Charlee
Red stripe - Funkalicious Fabrics on Etsy

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