Monday, June 22, 2015

a cute pair of kid friendly "jeans" for mae

As much as I love skinny pants on Mae, I really don't like the fact that she gets frustrated when she can't manage to get them on and off by herself.  So I decided to make a Mae friendly (i.e. 3 year old friendly) pair of "jeans" for her.  They are not exactly a loose fit, but not tight either ... they are the Goldilocks of jeans :)  Plus they have pockets and they are blue, so they are 100% Mae approved!

This pattern is self drafted and includes a separate waistband with a slight paper bag waist, pockets, and an elastic hem.  For the next pair, I think I'll make a version that hits just below her knee with a knit waistband and cuffs.  I'd also like to try them in a rayon challis or some other fabric with a softer drape.  I don't usually look forward to using the same pattern repeatedly, but it's quite satisfying to make pants that Mae will actually wear!

I realize that to people in many areas of the country (or world!) jeans are not part of a summer wardrobe, but we do have cool days occasionally and quite frequently have cool nights.  Plus the mosquitoes are unbearable and a lightweight long layer is often necessary when we are going to be out in the evening.  And, although I know not everyone agrees with me, I would rather have my kids covered in a layer of fabric than bug spray!

Here's the inside, once again with non matching serger thread :)  It takes a really special outfit to get me to change to another color!

Lightweight denim - Joann's
Star top - Mini Boden

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