Thursday, April 16, 2015

two years and counting

Today marks two years from my first real blog post.  I don't count the first post which is essentially a "hello world" post - I mark time from the first real project I shared.  It also happens to be my 200th post.  And yes, I am counting the first post this time - after all, it's my blog and I reserve the right to be inconsistent when it suits me ;) Anyway, I thought I would take a moment to look back over the last year and share my favorite and least favorites sewing projects.

Floral Pants
Mae wore these pants whenever they were clean right up until the day she outgrew them. I need to make her more of this style for this year - although perhaps with a different pattern because I wasn't fond of how the pockets would always turn inside out while Mae was wearing them.

Mini Thor Cape Tee
This was hand's down Mae's favorite thing to wear. She spent an awful lot of days this winter "flying" around the house :)

Geometric Dress
I'm pretty sure Mae wore this to every event that required her to wear a dress, including church every week! I love the fit of this pattern, and it must be comfortable because Mae was always willing to wear it (which isn't necessarily true for the things I make!)

Plaid Tunic
This is perhaps the closest I have ever come to producing something that is exactly what I imagined before I started.  In all honesty, it turned out even better than I thought it would ;)  Mae wears it at least once a week, and since I made it a bit big, she will probably wear it at least once a week all of next winter as well!

Floral Easter Dress
I know I just made this, and most likely it will not be worn again until next Easter, but I can't help but love it.  I truly enjoyed the challenge of sewing a garment that required actual fitting, not just taking a few basic measurements and sewing the appropriate size with minimal changes.  Child size clothing rarely presents a challenge as a seamstress, so this dress was a welcome change :)

Color Block Tunic
I knew I didn't like this one before I even posted it.  It wasn't at all what I imagined when I started.  Lesson learned - Maybe if I hadn't accidentally run the bodice through my serger I would have been happier with it ;)

Love Tunic and Striped Pants
Mae's "Love" tunic met a quick end when she got blueberries all over the front of it. And I, in my infinite wisdom, decided to use Oxi-Clean which removed most of the yellow color leaving the shirt a dingy off-white with a barely visible tie dyed heart! But don't worry, the blueberry stains were still there ;) I liked the striped pants until I washed them and was less than impressed with the amount the fabric paint faded. Lesson learned - I should never create my own fabric again!

Denim Suspender Skirt
All that really needs to be said about this one is it's a skirt, and Mae doesn't wear skirts because Mae doesn't wear tights.  Of course she didn't inform me of this until after I was done sewing ;) Lesson learned - No skirts!

Floral Knit Pants
I actually love this pattern, and I love how these pants look on Mae.  What I don;t love is the awful, pilly fabric that I used to make them.  As soon as I received the fabric I pre-washed like usual and it looked fine, so I went ahead and made the pants.  I washed it a second time, and I swear it looked like the pants had been worn and washed about 100 times. Lesson learned - No knit fabric from because I can't count on it being a decent quality.

Various Unphotographed Projects
Just like anyone else who sews, I have projects that are not worthy of being worn, let alone photographed and blogged about. You never saw them, but you will have to trust me that they were very, very bad ;)

But seriously - Real Lesson Learned
I have no idea what the next year will bring, but I do know that as my kids get older, I find I have significantly less time to devote to sewing and blogging.  Since I enjoy sewing so much, I don't ever see myself truly quitting, but I can't see myself continuing at this pace either.  Last year I had lots of plans for this past year, but life, as it always does, got in the way of most of them.  So this year I'm just going to take it as it comes.  If I have time to sew, then I will gladly sew, and I will blog about it whenever possible.  And if I don't, then I won't!  Life is too short for me to worry about something so small :)


  1. Its always interesting to see what actually gets worn. I love those floral pants too. Sad about the denim skirt and the pilly knit pants. I was just goofing around last night with printing some fabric so I'd better try washing it too to see if its worth the effort. Always glad to read your blog however often you can post.

  2. Thanks for all the free patterns you have posted in the past! You are a wonderful seamstress and I appreciate all the time you put into those tutorials...I did make the confetti dress(altering it to have a cap sleeve) for all three of my girls (blogged) about one here:)