Thursday, April 9, 2015

time to pretend it's actually spring :)

I am as done as done gets with winter!  Every year I hear people talk about this mythical season called spring, and I have to look out my window and just wonder if it will even come to Michigan this year :)  Usually, we just skip right from winter to summer with wild swings back and forth from one day to the next until summer finally settles in right around the Fourth of July!  So this year, I refuse to accept it, and we are celebrating faux spring at our house with lots of bright floral prints.  Or, in other words, we're going to "fake it until you make it" with the weather :)

This lovely floral print is from the custom knit Facebook group Fabric Geeks.  I did receive this 1/2 yard piece for free to review (on Facebook, not on the blog), but I'll just say now that I love it so much that I already ordered more in other colors!  The fabric has over 75% stretch in both directions, minimal shrinking and fading after several washes, and it sews beautifully.  I really wish I could find knits locally that are this nice, but for now I think I'm going to have to rely on Facebook groups.

The pattern is No. 23, Peplum Jersey Tunic from Ottobre Magazine issue 1/2015. The only changes I made were short rather than long sleeves (faux spring and all!) and a slightly wider neck binding just because I prefer the look.  The pattern is pretty simple to sew, fits perfectly, and is just a little nicer than a basic tee.  I'll probably make a few more of these for summer and then try it again with long sleeves next fall since I absolutely refuse to make any more long sleeve tops this year!

You'll have to ignore Mae's sad face in this next picture!  She was too busy looking at something to even pay attention to me, but it's the best picture of the shape and fit of the top, so I'm posting it anyway.  After all, this is a sewing blog, so it's probably more helpful to be able to see the garment than to have cute expressions in every picture :)

And here's the promised picture of the inside.  Nothing too exciting on this one since it's just serged and hemmed with a double needle.

Floral knit - custom print 95/5 cotton/spandex from Fabric Geeks on Facebook


  1. I love this pattern and would like to know how I can get it. I'm new to your blog and have never heard of the magazine you named. Any help will be appreciated!

    1. You can order back copies of the magazine from either of the following links. If you want a subscription, you need to order directly from the Ottobre website.

      Website for Ottobre magazine:

      Etsy page:

      Here's a great post from Rachel at Stitched Together about sewing with Ottobre Magazine. I would encourage you to look through her other posts as well, because she has sewn several of the patterns.

    2. Thanks, Teri, for your great suggestions! I'm enjoying these new discoveries.

  2. Waw, nice shirt! I'm always looking for great floral knits and this certainly is one. I already considered making using this pattern, but now I will for sure :-)

    1. Thanks! I love a good quality floral knit as well, and they are surprising hard to come by!