Tuesday, April 14, 2015

a little ottobre elephant tee

This top is barely even worthy of a blog post, but it's what I've been sewing, so I'm sharing it anyway!  This is pattern no. 5 from Ottobre 1/2015.  I started with the size 92 (largest size for this particular pattern) and added about 2" to the length.  I opted for short sleeves and a narrow bias binding on the sleeves and neckline rather than the long hemmed sleeves and neck band that are shown in the magazine. This is a very basic tee pattern, and I'm not sure I even like it, but Mae loves her elephant shirt, so I'm guessing it will get worn quite a bit!

I'm trying to get a feel for the sizing and ease of Ottobre patterns.  So far, they seem to run a bit wide, but so do most sewing patterns (both paper and pdf) in my experience.  I've been sewing the size 98 (roughly equivalent to a 3T) but for pants I know I need to start with the 92 and add length for a better fit.  For reference, Mae wears a 3T in most store bought clothes, or 2-3 years (2-4 years in dresses) in European brands like H&M.  I have several more Ottobre patterns traced and ready to sew, so I'm interested to see if the sizing holds true for other styles such as outerwear.

And, last but not least, the wrong side of the tee.  I thought the inside of the last thing I sewed was boring, but this is even worse!  Four seams, three bindings, and a hem ... how exciting ;)

Elephant knit - 100% cotton jersey found on etsy
Jeggings - Osh Kosh


  1. Nice shirt, the big advantage of these shirts is that you can make many quick :)

    1. That's true, but I rarely sew any pattern more than once! Sometimes I wonder why I bother with Ottobre patterns since tracing the pattern takes me almost as long as sewing it, and I will probably not use any of them more than once. Oh well!

  2. I just finished my first two pieces from Ottobre, #9 and #19 of that same magazine you used. I made a size 80cm for my boy, he's 70cm long, and I wanted it to last for a bit, but I am afra!id he won't be able to wear it for a while, I too think it's too wide! I believe it almost fits my daughter (she wears about the same as yours).