Friday, December 5, 2014

sew it all series - upcycled knit tunic

I know that the projects on the blog haven't been very inspiring (or frequent!) lately.  In fact, boring and almost non-existent may actually be better words!  But I've been swamped with commitments in the non-virtual world, and sewing has really taken a back seat, as it should.  I considered stopping blogging altogether, but I really do enjoy sharing what I sew, so I think I'll keep at it for now.  Just don't expect anything all that special or interesting in the sewing arena for the next few months while I immerse myself in Science to make several teenagers happy!  Although it's possible a banner for our Science Olympiad team may show up on the blog at some point if I decide to sew one :)

Mae's newest top is an upcycled shirt from Salvation Army.  I originally bought the top to use as fabric for another project, but then didn't end up using it.  I put it aside for a few weeks ... ok, maybe more like a few months :) ... and promptly forgot about it.  After making Mae's floral pants, I realized she had no tops to match, so I went digging in my upcycle bin and rediscovered this gem.  At first I considered just cutting it up for the fabric, but in the end I chose to keep some of the features from the original top, like the button tab sleeves and the split hem.

I started with a not-yet-released Wee Muses pattern designed by Anneliese from Aesthetic Nest for the bodice, and then kind of winged it from there.  Honestly, the original design of the shirt pretty much dictated what I could make so it wasn't a very difficult project.  The construction was pretty easy too since the hem and the sleeves were already finished.  All I needed to do was add the neck binding and attach the bodice and sleeves to the skirt and I was done.  Sometimes a simple project like this is exactly what I need to feel like I've accomplished something in an otherwise completely unproductive day!

Here's a close-up of the cute details.  This picture kind of annoys me ... I spent a lot of time aligning all the stripes on the rest of the top, but on this side seam, which was finished by the manufacturer, they don't line up perfectly!  Although, if I'm being honest here, it doesn't annoy me enough to actually fix it :)

Upcycled tee


  1. Please don't feel that your blog posts are boring. I am thoroughly enjoying them!! It is very inspiring to me to see clothes that I would absolutely put my daughter in. Clothes that will get worn, not just once off to a party or a special occasion. I am loving reading your blog knowing that I will not be left feeling inadequate about my accomplishments. Your blog is a breath of fresh air, please keep sharing x

  2. I completely agree with the comment above :-). I really love the style of clothes you make for your daughter and always look forward to reading some new blogposts by you!

  3. Me three! This is a great top with cute details. Love that big pleat. Bet it looks great with the floral leggings.