Wednesday, November 19, 2014

madeIt florence - christmas blog tour

Welcome to my little corner of the Florence Christmas blog tour!  I have to be honest, my little corner almost didn't exist.  I totally got the date for my post wrong, and then I got sick and didn't get anything to Olu on time!  So, I've got to give a huge thank you to Olu (Needle and Ted) and Anna (creator of MadeIt Patterns) for their patience and understanding :)

This blog tour is a little different than most - it is also a competition!  The version of the Florence with the most comments over on Needle and Ted will be the winner.  So, if you like my version (or anyone else's) head over to Needle and Ted and leave a comment! 

For this week only (November 17-23) you can get the Florence Blouse Pattern (and any other pattern from Anna's shop!) for 20% off with the code Tour20.  Just click on the button below!  And (yes, there's more!) if you sew up a Christmas version of the Florence, make sure to post it on Madeit Patterns Facebook page by the end of January 2015 for a chance to win a MadeIt pattern of your choice!

Now that all the blog tour details are out of the way (because I totally would have forgotten to include them if I waited until the end!) we can get to my Christmas-ish version of the Florence pattern!  I say Christmas-ish because I don't generally sew holiday specific clothing for my kids.  I prefer sewing things that can be worn for an entire season.  So this jumper is a little less Christmas and a little more winter :)

I know at first glance it looks nothing like the Florence Blouse, but I actually kept most of the pattern pieces as is.  I used the front and back pieces without any modifications and eliminated the collar and sleeves.  Then I doubled the width of the placket to make it double breasted and added a simple pleated rectangle skirt.  It's amazing how small changes can make such a big difference in the end!  Although Mae wears a size two according to the chart included with the pattern, I sewed the size three because I wanted a little bit of room for Mae to wear a shirt under the jumper.  And I would have to say that the pattern fits true to the measurements which is always a good thing!  Obviously, you can't see the fit with these pictures, so you will just have to take my word for it that it is perfect :)

This fabric was a bit of a challenge to work with.  I purchased it at Joann's last year, and it was located in a miscellaneous spot in the store, so I'm not sure where it really belonged.  I don't think the women who worked at Joann's knew either which is why it was stuck on an endcap!  It's a polyester suiting fabric, but it is more of an outerwear weight.  And it frays like crazy!  I accidentally caught a corner of one of the pieces with the button on my sleeve, and suddenly the piece was 1/2" shorter!  I learned really quickly that I had better be careful, or the entire jumper was going to fall apart :)  I thought the fabric felt a bit prickly (although my kids told me it didn't) so I fully lined the bodice with a stretch sateen ... in red of course!  After all, I at least have to give a nod to Christmas since it's the theme of the tour :)

I really love the details included with the pattern!  The princess seams are lovely, as is the back bodice.  I didn't finish this jumper following the directions in the pattern since my version is fully lined, but I did read the pattern through, and I have no doubt that any blouse made with this pattern would be finished beautifully inside and out!

White Suiting from Joann's
Lining - Stretch Sateen from Joann's
Snaps - Kamsnaps

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  1. That is one cute dress. I admire that you're not afraid to use white for children. I on the other hand I am a chicken.

    I love your nod to Christmas red lining but I do hope that it does not run into the white when you wash it. I've made that mistake before on 'guess what?' My Izzy top.

    Thank you for being part of the tour, I would say you were fashionably late. ;-)

    1. I'm not sure that being late is actually fashionable, but I do seem to have it down to an art form ;) Thanks again for your understanding!

      I have made the mistake of pairing red and white together before with the same results as you, but fortunately I've already used this particular red fabric before, so I'm confident that the colors will stay put :)

  2. This is so beautiful! I love white as well - it does surprisingly well for kids (that is, if your mystery fabric is washable?) I like to put white garments in the sun and they're as good as new! I love this as a jumper and I'm so blown away by all of the lovely ways this blouse is being transformed.

  3. This is lovely, and what a transformation from the original design and like you say without altering the pattern pieces much, very clever indeed!! also love the white with the red lining, great job.

    1. Thanks Anna! It's amazing what can be done with a pattern with very few changes :)

  4. The fabric is very pretty, I like the simple white it looks clean and crisp. Turned out perfect : )

    1. Thanks! Simple was exactly what I was going for!

  5. My post was late too Teri! They were so understanding :) I love this jumper so much. I definitely want to make one for my girl too!