Friday, October 3, 2014

free pattern - triangle top

Today I'm sharing the FREE size 2/3 pattern for the Triangle Top!  I know it's not a very complicated pattern, and most people can probably figure it out on their own, but for those of you who would prefer not to (like me most of the time!) I thought I would go ahead and share.  You know, rather than being selfish for no good reason :)

The following link to the pattern is an affiliate link. Although I do not make any money directly from the Triangle Top pattern, I do appreciate people signing up for Craftsy through this link since I get a small commission for each new Caftsy account.  Affiliate programs like this allow me to keep these patterns free for everyone.  Thank you!

Download the pattern here:

The sewing instructions for this pattern are actually quite simple.  I chose not to write a full tutorial with pictures because there are already an abundance of excellent sewing tutorials available.  I did include links (after the sewing instructions) for a couple of the steps for those who just beginning their sewing adventure.  And, as always, if their is a step that requires more clarification, please email me.  My email address can be found on the "About Me" tab at the top of this page.

A couple of notes before you get started:
  • Seam allowances are 3/8" for the entire pattern
  • The front, back and arm bands require a knit with at least 25% stretch, but the neck binding has a better finish with a knit with at least 50% stretch
  • Although I haven't tried it yet, I believe the back piece can actually be made from a woven rather than a knit
  • The neck binding and arm bands widths can be adjusted if you prefer a slightly different look
  • You should print two copies of the pattern if you wish to have separate front and back pieces
  • Use a stretch or ball point needle
  • Sew with a stretch stitch or serger to avoid popping the seams later
  • The hem looks best when finished with a double needle or an overlocker
  • I find it helpful to use lightweight interfacing along the shoulder seams on the back pieces to give the top a bit of stability and prevent stitches from stretching through the rest of the construction
  • I prefer to press each seam after sewing, either pressed to the back if serged, or pressed open if sewn with stretch stitch - many people don't believe in pressing knits, but it works for me - never move the iron while pressing to avoid stretching the seam, press and then lift to reposition the iron
  • For a more professional finish, tack down the side seams for about 1/2 - 3/4" along the hem
  • I did not include a pattern for the pocket, but it is just a basic square with the edges folded under

Preparation for Sewing:
  1. Print pattern pieces and assemble matching markings on pattern
  2. Cut all pieces from fabric - 1 front on fold, 1 back on fold, 1 neck binding, 2 arm bands (be sure to pay attention to the direction of the stretch noted on the pattern pieces)
  3. Attach interfacing to back shoulder pieces (optional)

Basic Sewing Instructions:
  1. Attach pocket or other embellishment/applique to front (optional)
  2. Hem front and back pieces with 1/2" hem
  3. Sew front and back pieces right sides together along one shoulder seam
  4. Fold neck binding in half wrong sides together (along the long sides) and press
  5. Attach binding to neckline right sides together stretching the binding to fit (do not stretch the neckline)
  6. Sew the remaining shoulder seam right sides together
  7. Topstitch along neckline with double needle or stretch stitch (optional)
  8. Sew both side seams with right sides together
  9. Sew short end of armband right sides together to form a circle
  10. Fold armband in half wrong sides together and press
  11. Sew armband to armhole wrong sides together and press seam away from armband
  12. Topstitch along armband with double needle or stretch stitch (optional)
  13. Repeat with second armband

Helpful Tutorials:

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  1. Cute! I can't wait to sew one up. Thanks for another awesome pattern!