Thursday, October 2, 2014

sew it all series - triangle top & leggings

The last couple of posts haven't really been part of my Sew it All series, but I'm back this week with the next couple of items from Mae's fall wardrobe.  I know these aren't complicated pieces, but they are the kind of clothes that Mae lives in for most of the winter ... cute, comfortable and easy to get on and off :)

The shirt pattern is self drafted.  I grabbed an old maternity shirt, folded it in half, and drew the shape that I wanted.  I used the full length and width of the shirt, although I did not use the original hem since maternity shirts tend to curve down in the middle, and I wanted the center of the shirt to be shorter than the side seams.  The front and back piece are identical except for the curves of the necklines making it a really simple pattern to sew.  It's finished with arm and neck cuffs and a cute little chest pocket.  I will share the size 2/3 pattern on the blog tomorrow along with some basic sewing instructions :)

The fabric I used for the back of the shirt is one of my all time favorite designs!  I love it so much that Mae also has a pair of leggings made from it that I will share later.  I'm also considering buying more, although I'm not too sure how many pieces of clothing Mae can own with such a distinct pattern before it looks like she's wearing the same thing every day :)  I wish it came in another color!

The leggings are the same Japanese pattern I used here except a size bigger since I wanted a looser fit.  I also added folded-up cuffs to the bottom just to make it slightly more interesting than a basic legging pattern.  I love the fit of the pants, but I think I will use a different fabric next time.  The cotton/Lycra jersey is lovely, however it's thin but not lightweight, so any extra length tends to end up gathered at Mae's ankles :)  It would probably work better for traditional skin tight leggings since it has plenty of stretch.  I learn new things about fabric all the time, and one of these days (hopefully!) I will get the hang of choosing the correct knit for my project!

This outfit might not be worn that often this winter since the pants are rather thin and the shirt has short sleeves, but the whole thing will still fit in the spring so I'm sure it will get lots of wear.  Besides, Mae seems to love it, so I'm sure it will make an appearance even on the coldest of days if she has her way :) 

Grey knit - upcycled top
Triangle print - cotton/spandex jersey here
Navy knit (pocket) - bamboo/spandex jersey here
Coral knit (triangle accents & leggings) - Cotton/Lycra jersey here
Shoes - Pediped


  1. I love that fabric too! Its so hard to choose knits online. Sometimes I order with a specific project in mind and then it arrives and I have to change the design or get different fabric. Why can't there be more knits available locally- especially the prints!

    1. I totally agree! I usually like to feel the fabric before I buy, but it's hard to do that online ;) I always read the weights listed in the descriptions, but that doesn't really help since weight isn't the only factor when choosing appropriate fabric.