Thursday, October 9, 2014

sew it all series - hosh pants

I seem to be on a pants theme this week :)  Today, it's the Hosh Pants by LouBee Clothing.  I blogged about this pattern twice in the past (here and here) and it remains one of my favorites, so here it is again!

This time I started with the size 3 and made just a couple of changes - I widened the pant legs by about 2" and added a cuff to the bottom.  The cuff can be turned up as well since it is finished on the inside, although Mae's pants are too short to turn up the hem thanks to relying on my memory instead of a measuring tape while sewing :)  This was the first time I made a cuff using this method, and I really like the finish.  I will write up a quick tutorial and share it on the blog tomorrow.

Navy poly/cotton blend textured suiting from Joann's