Wednesday, October 8, 2014

pattern review - compagnieM. charles pants

CompagnieM. released a new pattern this week!  I'm a big fan of CompagnieM. patterns, previously blogged about here, here and here, because they always fit perfectly thanks to Marte's thorough pattern testing :)  Her newest pattern is the Charles Pants, available in sizes 12 months - 10, which actually includes instructions for pants, shorts and dungarees/overalls.

I started with the size 18 months pattern based on Mae's waist measurement and added 2" to the length, since she actually falls between the size two and size three for height.  The fabric is upcycled from an old pair of jeans.  I opted to keep the original hem, but the rest of the pattern pieces were creatively cut from the available fabric.  I actually had to cut the front flap facing from another fabric since there wasn't a big enough piece of fabric left from the jeans.  Trust me, I arranged the pattern pieces several times before I finally gave up and just used something else :)

The only additional I made to the pattern was to add back pockets.  The pants are cute without them as well, but I wanted Mae's jeans to look a little more like, well, jeans that you would buy from the store.  Which means that I also wanted to add some topstitching, but I don't have any light grey topstitching thread, so I used an old trick that someone taught me.  Use two spools of thread just like you would if you were going to use a twin needle, but thread both threads through the same needle.  You need to be careful to get the right tension to make sure both threads catch the bobbin on each stitch, but the end result is worth it!

Upcycled Denim
Snaps - Kamsnaps


  1. So cute! We use to do the two spool trick at the tailor shop too! It's also great for when you need a weird topstitching colour (like for hemming jeans) and don't have it - we would mix colours to create!

  2. Got so excited about remembering the two spool trick, I forgot about the pants - I LOVE the front flap!!! One of my favorite styles!