Wednesday, October 22, 2014

gracie the vampire - part 2: the slip

In case you missed it ... gracie the vampire - part 1: the dress

and what comes next ... gracie the vampire - part 3: the jacket

And now for part 2!  Just a little disclaimer - I realize this is quite possibly the most boring thing I've sewn on this blog, but it is how I spent my hour (or perhaps a bit more!) for Kids Clothes Week yesterday so I'm sharing anyway :)

I would have loved to incorporate the fullness right into Gracie's vampire dress rather than making a separate slip.  But unfortunately, Gracie has a couple of Halloween parties that would make a bulky dress quite unmanageable, so I decided to sew a slip that can be easily removed.  Honestly, I would have skipped it altogether, but Gracie wanted a fuller dress, and how could I possibly say no to that adorable face :)  Just so you know, there really isn't anything special about this slip, so if you continue reading this post hoping for something more interesting or earth shattering, don't bother!  And if you do keep reading, remember that I warned you :)

I didn't need a pattern for this slip since it's just rectangles sewn together and gathered with cased elastic.  I didn't think it was necessary to make anything more complicated than that for a costume!  The netting fabric I used has just the right amount of stiffness (with two layers) to provide fullness without too much weight, but unfortunately, it's incredibly pokey on the ends.  If you accidentally brush up against a cut end, it feels like someone is jabbing you with a bunch of tiny thorns.  Really not the sensation I was going for!  So, to save myself from having the whiniest vampire on the block, I lined the waistband and the inside of the skirt with the same black satin that I used for the dress :) 

Everything is from Joann's
Outer - Black Netting
Lining/Waistband - Black costume satin

And, if you got this far all I have to say is I told you it was boring!  Maybe next time you will listen ;)


  1. I am sure your blog posts have got funnier. I just come here for a giggle :-)

    1. Thanks! When the subject is as boring as a black slip, humor is all I have left ;)