Monday, September 15, 2014

sew it all series - japanese pattern book: knit basics

Today, as part of the Sew it All series, I made two basic knit pieces for Mae, both from this book.  The leggings are pattern #9 sewn in a size 100.  I didn't make any changes to the pattern, and they fit wonderfully.  In fact, Mae is wearing them as I write this :)  I used a ponte knit from Joann's, which I used previously (blogged here) and absolutely love.  It sews beautifully, and now that I've washed the sweatshirt several times, I know that it holds up to every day wear and tear really well too.

I was only going to make the leggings, but then I realized that Mae needs some basic tees too, and the book just happened to have a knit shirt pattern :)  I started with pattern #28 and added the long sleeves from #30.  I did shorten the sleeves a bit and add cuffs just because I felt like it.  I really don't have a better reason, and I don't even think I necessarily prefer cuffs, but I guess I couldn't sew two patterns in a row as is!  I felt the need to make at least one change so this didn't turn into the most boring blog post ever :)

For the more observant reader, you may have noticed that I didn't include this fabric in my original blog post about Mae's Japanese capsule wardrobe.  That's because I made this shirt on a whim and this is one of the few appropriate fabrics I had on hand.  I know it doesn't fit in with the other fabrics, but it's a Japanese print, which is good enough for me!

Top - Organic Kawaii knit
Leggings - Ponte knit from Joann's


  1. You are making a really smart and well thought out wardrobe for your daughter. These are great basic pieces that will be very useful. I bought some socks for Elena the other day and the cashier tried to sign me up for a rewards program. I told no thanks, I'll be sewing all her clothes and not shopping. She looked at me like I was from another planet!

    1. I get those looks all the time! I wish more people would try sewing, but since most don't, I choose to believe that less people sewing means more fabric for me :)

  2. So awesome! And you might just have the best 'about me' page ever!