Tuesday, September 16, 2014

sew it all series - japanese pattern book: pants & tunic

So far, Mae's Japanese inspired wardrobe consists of a skirt, a dress, a pair of leggings and a knit shirt.  In today's post I'm adding a pair of linen pants and a knit tunic. Originally I was going to separate this outfit into two posts, but I feel that these pieces are the most authentically Japanese of everything I have sewn and they belong together to maintain the aesthetic. 

The pants pattern is from this book which only includes sizes 80 and 90.  I've been sewing size 100 so far, but I knew by looking at the pattern pieces that the size 90 would be plenty wide, so I started there. I compared the leg length of the pattern to some pants that fit Mae currently and realized that I was going to have to add quite a bit to the length. And when I say quite a bit, I mean quite a bit! I ended up lengthening the pattern pieces by four inches which still feels like too much for only going up one size. And height wise Mae is actually closer to the size 90, so I can't help but think I did something wrong :) Oh well, at least the pants fit!

Normally I'm not a fan of pleated pants, but they are so much more practical for Mae since she can get them up and down by herself. And apparently they also give her the freedom to turn into Spider Man and scale the walls ... while taking pictures I might add :)

Now for the tunic. I really did not expect to like this top as much as I do! Although these Birch Organic knits seem to be hugely popular in blog land, I don't normally like 100% cotton knits. I generally prefer that my knits have a little lycra in them because they seem to have better recovery. However, this pattern is designed in such a way that I was able to treat the fabric like a woven.  Plus the neckline is interfaced so it holds it's shape without a problem. What I really do like about the fabric is that it is soft and has a lovely drape, which is perfect for this tunic pattern!

The tunic pattern is from this book. I sewed the size 100 which is slightly big so Mae has some growing room, but it's not so big as to be unwearable now. This was a fairly easy pattern to sew, and I like that the finished top (especially the neckline) appears more difficult and time consuming than it really was. The only change I made was to omit the hidden snap closure on the notched neckline. The top doesn't gape (and I didn't have any sew-on snaps on hand anyway!) so I chose not to worry about it.

And just like the other day, when Mae is done taking pictures, she is DONE!!!! She spent the rest of the outing running back and forth in the little corridor created by the trees and the pool fence :)

Top - Birch Organics Interlock Knit Poppies in Sun from fabricworm.com
Pants - Robert Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Indigo from fabric.com
Shoes - Target

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