Wednesday, September 10, 2014

sew it all series - japanese pattern book: skirt

Today I'm guest posting over at Nutta as part of the Sew Japanese series.  For this whole week, Shino is focusing on various Japanese pattern designers and their sewing books!  As someone who speaks (and reads) absolutely no Japanese, I'm excited to actually learn about the designers who design these wonderful patterns!  And, if you head over to Nutta, you will also find two lovely tunics sewn by Marte from Do Guincho!

This skirt is pattern R in this book and includes sizes 100, 110, 120 & 130.  I chose to sew the size 100 even those Mae is only about 93 cm tall at the moment.  We have pretty long winters here in Michigan and I need to sew clothes that will last through next April, so everything tends to be a bit big in September :)  I think the patterns fits true to size and Mae should be able to wear it through the entire season.  Although if our weather if anything like last year, Mae will not be in a skirt and tights at all since you can not keep little legs warm in subzero temperatures without many layers, and wearing snowpants under a skirt is not the look I'm going for :)

I made a couple of small changes to the pattern.  First, I changed the side opening from a zipper to a snap placket.  I love the snap placket, and I would like to say that it was a design choice, but the truth is I could not figure out how the pattern designer wanted me to install the zipper and there was no diagram to show me either, so I improvised!

Edited to add: Shino graciously translated the steps for me, so if I choose to sew this skirt again, I will be installing the zipper!  And just in case anyone out there is planning to use this pattern, the instructions for the zipper are on pages 46 & 47 :)

The second thing I changed was to feed the straps through button holes on the skirt and close them with a snap rather than using buttons.  Again, I would love to say that this was intentional, but I just couldn't find two matching buttons that worked with the skirt, so I tried something else, and thankfully it worked!

The last change I made was to add little pleats to the front and back of the skirt.  Yet again, not intentional :)  I was so busy trying to make the snap placket work that I forgot the side seams have a larger seam allowance than the rest of the skirt.  It wasn't until I had the sides all sewn and the snap placket done that I realized the waistband didn't fit.  Rather than take apart the entire skirt I added two small pleats each on the front and the back.  I really prefer the skirt without pleats, but I didn't feel that it changes the design aesthetic enough to justify remaking the entire thing.  I guarantee that Mae doesn't know the difference and wouldn't care even if she did!

Stretch Denim - Joann's
Top - Nell Top blogged here
Tights - Mini Boden
Boots - H&M


  1. Thanks so much for joining fun! Love your Sew it all series too and can't wait to see other garments to come :)

    1. Sew Japanese is a great series, and I am happy to join in! I love learning more about Japanese sewing books, because they are quickly becoming my favorite source for patterns :)

  2. I think the snaps are way too cute!! I'm glad you didn't figure out the zipper!

  3. I love the snaps at the side Teri! Great job. :)

    1. Thanks Ajaire! I love happy accidents :)

  4. I love it. It looks simple and easy to sew, but the snaps add something special.