Tuesday, September 30, 2014

my baby is three!

Last Friday Mae turned three!  I don't know where those three years went, but they are gone.  I woke up on her birthday and realized that I am done with the terrible twos, although Mae wasn't really that bad :)  I know a lot of people get sad as their kids get older, but I'm not much of a baby person (hard to believe that I had six of them!) and I truly enjoy seeing my kids grow up and slowly turn into the adults they will be some day.

On Sunday we celebrated with our "family" which actually includes quite a bit more more than just family, but to Mae, they are all family since they have been part of her life since she was born!  The theme for the day was Frozen, which I'm sure comes to no surprise to any parent of a little girl :)  Although in our house, using the word theme might be a bit of a stretch.  I don't throw Pinterest parties ... not even close!  I bought a Frozen balloon, a plastic table cloth and some plates, and my mother-in-law decorated the cake with the characters from Frozen, and we called it good ;)  I figure Mae's not going to remember the decorations anyway.

But what she will remember is her presents!  We don't go overboard with gifts, but she truly loved each and every one.  I'm happy to say that she's played with all of them several times already, and I can see her using them for a long time to come.  I'm pretty sure, at least for the moment, the bubble maker is her favorite!  She wouldn't stop popping the bubbles for long enough to look at me for a picture :)

I made her shirt the night before the party, right after I remembered that I bought the fabric a couple of months ago!  I'll try to get some better pictures to share on the blog later, because last Sunday I was focused on her and not her clothes, so this is all you get for now :)

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