Monday, May 5, 2014

this really is what I do for fun :)

I am a total geek and proud of it!  And if anyone doubts that, this post should convince you pretty quickly :)  I love numbers and I love sewing ... so as you can imagine, I really, really, really love numbers about sewing.  Oh, and I love graphs too :)  I could create a graph for every single question on the survey, but I promise to limit it to just a few for those of you who don't speak math geek!  And just as a warning, if math sounds something like this for you, you might want to skip to the last paragraph :)

Just kidding!  I tried to keep the post picture heavy and math light since I know not everybody (or if I'm being honest, almost nobody!) enjoys math the way I do :)

But before I dive into the numbers (and totally forget to say this!) the winners of the fabric giveaway are Elizabeth, Ashley, Chris and Laura.  Congratulations! I sent you ladies an email.

And on to the highlights:
  • 73% of you are interested in a year long series about building a wardrobe from scratch.  This statistic will probably be the one that mostly directly determines the direction of the blog starting in September with some of the other preferences mixed in :)
  • Free patterns (no surprise there!) and tutorials are the current favorite topics on the blog ... this goes for me as well!
  • And, again no surprise, free patterns and tutorials are what you want to see most in the future.  Although there was a positive response to many other topics as well.

  •  This one did kind of surprise me :)  When forced to choose just one, more people selected tutorials than free patterns as their first choice for a blog topic.

  •  This next graph didn't tell me much other than almost any future blog post would be fine.  I guess I'll just have to do a little bit of everything :)

And just for fun, a little about you :)
  • It seems most of you are somewhere in the middle as far as sewing level with only two of you classifying yourselves as absolute beginners.

  • Surprising, most people don't care if there is advertising on a blog - only 7% hate it.  It's nice to know that is an option if I need to make some money in order to keep offering free patterns :)
  • The majority (52%) of you have no preference about blog link-ups, while 37% of you like them and 11% do not
  • 40% like a schedule for posts, 5% do not, and again the majority has no preference
  •  Only 1% of you feel that a blog has to post more than 3 time per week to engage your interest; although 38% do feel that a blog should post at least once a week
  • More than 50% of you visit sewing blogs daily or more often, and only 6% read them once a week or less.  It seems we just can't get enough of sewing :)

So, if you actually read this far, I'm sure you're wondering what any of this means for you.  Well, not much at the moment :)  For the time being, I will (in the words of Dory) just keep swimming, but I do intend to go in a slightly new direction in the fall.  I plan to keep the things everyone likes most (free patterns, tutorials) and hopefully add some new stuff too.  I hope you keep reading until then :)


  1. Wish you luck and can't wait to see what you have for us :)

  2. I am a sucker for graphs too! :) Can't wait to get to September then!

  3. Will there be a tutorial for sewing purple alien hats?

  4. I can only thank you for all that you do for us !
    I know I will love all the things you will bring -))

  5. I really like the blog as is, so I will be here for sure to see what direction you'll be taking it. =DOh, and I am not so good at maths but love the graphics! =Dhehe