Wednesday, May 28, 2014

prayers for nell

I enjoy blogging, but there are times when I simply can't do it.  This is one of those times.  If you follow me on Facebook, then you might already be aware of what is going on.  If not, the only thing I will write here is that a good friend's daughter is fighting for her life.  I don't really want to post much on the blog, so if you want to know more, go here.  At this time, all I ask is for your prayers for sweet Nell, her family and friends, and all the doctors who care for her every day. 

I will eventually be back, but if you need anything before then please email me at


  1. Our family is praying... it is so precious to hear my little ones lifting her up to the LORD in prayer. Thank you for allowing us to know to pray and hugs to you and them, sweet lady!

  2. I certainly will !