Wednesday, May 7, 2014

patterns now available on craftsy!

Due to some unforeseen issues with Dropbox, I will be uploading my patterns to Craftsy from now on.  I'm also working on getting all the existing patterns over there too, starting with the Izzy Top.  Here is the link for my Craftsy store.  Don't worry, the existing patterns are still free :)  I had intended to put my patterns on Craftsy for a while anyway but just never got around to it, and this turned out to be the push I needed :)

If you are curious what happened with dropbox, this blog post should give you a little more info.  But in a nutshell, they found a security risk and decided the logical course was to disable all links without informing anyone until after the fact.  I have no idea who made that decision, but I have a feeling the repercussions will be more than the company bargained for!


  1. Boo on the dropbox issues! But congratulations on getting your patterns on Craftsy. I bet you will get many more interested sewers coming your way. :)

  2. Teri thank you so much for keeping the pattern FREE! You are so sweet to do that. I just downloaded the pattern and I also loved that the tutorial is included. You make the process so easy for a beginner to understand how to cut and sew this darling dress. I love your blog (I've been following for awhile now) and I wish you all the best!

    Thanks so much again,