Friday, April 11, 2014

pattern review - hosh pants by lou bee clothing

This will be a very simple review since I don't have much to say other than Love them, Love them, Love them!!!  I am talking about the Hosh Pants by Lou Bee Clothing.  I know lots of people raved about them awhile ago, but for some reason I didn't get the pattern at the time.  But when I saw that the Hosh Pants were included in the Perfect Pattern Parcel #2* (along with other patterns I wanted to try!) I went ahead and bought them.  And then sewed up my first (and second!) pair that same day :)

* If you want to order the perfect Pattern Parcel #2, it is available through Friday, April 18, 2014.  Or you can purchase the Hosh Pants pattern directly from Lou Bee Clothing at any time.

You can see my first pair here.  I used the size 18 months with 2T length for that outfit.  But this time I wanted the pants just a little looser making it easier for Mae to dress herself, so I made the size 2T.  They are ankle length which is really cute, but I think I may try the 3T length next time anyway.  It's such a habit to cut the size 2T, but I have to remember that buy 3T pants from the store now, so I should probably make that size too :)

I love basic patterns that fit well and are easy to make, and the Hosh Pants are perfect!  I can see myself making several more pairs :)

Pants - Stretch sateen from Joann's
Top - Bamboo french terry (blogged here)
Shoes - Target

While we were out taking pictures we found a visitor in our garden.  He (or she, I have no idea how to determine that in a snake!) was just under two feet long and not at all happy that we were wandering around on his turf :)


  1. They are so cute! Did you use buttonhole elastic and make the waistband adjustable?

    1. I made the waistband exactly like the pattern calls for, but I didn't have any buttonhole elastic so I just sewed in regular elastic. If I felt like replacing it later it would be possible.

  2. Such a pretty print! I just LOVE this pattern!