Thursday, April 24, 2014

instagram, a few sneak peeks, and a winner

Congratulations to Nadya for winning the giveaway!!! And for everyone who didn't win this time, it turns out I really like doing giveaways, so watch for more in the future :)
Since I don't have anything else new to share today, and just announcing a giveaway winner doesn't seem like enough for a whole blog post, I guess I'll show you a few of the things I've been working on lately:

If you want to see more follow me on Instagram! I've finally decided to make my way into the 21st century (there may have been some kicking and screaming involved!) and joined Instagram last week :). Then it took me a full week just to post my first picture. I'm going to try to add pictures a bit more frequently than that, but I'm not making any promises! Also, the content will not be limited to sewing like my blog. I intend to share a lot more of the day-to-day activities at our house, similar to today which included a routine (for us) hospital visit. So if you just want to see sewing stuff then the blog is probably still the right place for you, but if you aren't afraid of the really messy behind-the-scenes chaos that is my life, head on over to Instagram!

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