Wednesday, March 12, 2014

pattern review - winnie shrug by wee muses

I recently tested the Winnie Shrug pattern by Wee Muses.  Although this pattern doesn't really fit into my practical theme for this year, Gracie absolutely loves it!  And in our house, there's not much of a distinction between dress up clothes and everyday clothes, so I figure it will get plenty of use :)

Gracie loves glamorous things (which she certainly didn't get from me!) and she was thrilled to pair her shrug with the new shiny gold pleated dress that I picked up at H&M.  The dress seriously looks like it's made from boudoir curtains, but I knew Gracie would love it so I bought it anyway :)

The shrug didn't take very long to sew ...  I would rate it as a fairly easy project overall.  I opted to sew it with the lining material folded to the outside because I liked the look of this shrug sewn by Anneliese, but there several other options in the pattern as well.

Main fabric - Stretch Sateen from Joann's
Lining - Cotton sherpa from Nature's Fabrics
Dress - H&M


  1. Wow this is so cute, I love the red and cream colour combination - I hadn't seen this pattern before. We're heading to winter in the southern hemisphere so I'm going to keep this cute shrug in mind :)

    1. We can't seem to get rid of winter here in Michigan :) I think the shrug pattern will be useful for several more months at least!