Thursday, March 13, 2014

pattern review - greenpoint cardigan by hey june

A while back in this post I sewed up a version of the Greenpoint Cardigan by Hey June, but I never did get around to writing an official review.  So here it is :)

I chose to sew the size 2 rather than the size 1 like last time so it would fit Mae for a bit longer.  I upcycled two different shirts, a grey ruffled shirt that used to belong to Ruthie and a magenta tee of mine that I accidentally splashed with bleach.  I'm not a really a fan of the bleached polka dot look, but I knew there was plenty of shirt left to selvage :)  The only change I made to the pattern was to eliminate the bottom band since I was able to use the existing hem of the grey shirt.

Just like last time, I absolutely adore this pattern.  It is quick and easy to sew and the fit is perfect!  I can see myself making many more of these in the future :)

Mae and I did our best to stomp away all the snow, but it was a futile effort since about eight new inches fell later that night :)  We are so past ready for spring around here!

Shirt - Upcycled
Trim - Upcycled
Snaps - Kamsnaps
Jeans - Old Navy
White Shirt/Boots - H&M


  1. This is such a fantastic pattern hack! Thanks so much for sharing :)

    1. The pattern is great as is! I barely changed a thing :)