Wednesday, February 12, 2014

izzy tester roundup part 2

This tester call was nothing like the first one where I worried that no one would respond.  This time I was overwhelmed by the number of women willing to test this pattern for me!  And I don't think I can ever thank everyone enough for their wonderful feedback!  But what I can do is share their beautiful creations with you :)

Made by Rachel

Made by Trinh

Made by Melissa

All Made by Gemma!!!

Made by Marnae

Made by Wyndee

Made by Kim

Made by Eulalia

Made by Casey

Made by Erin

Made by Lelania

I apologize if I missed anybody - please let me know if I did :)


  1. wow there are some serious great tops! =D

  2. Lovely tops! the second from top looks very nice..

    1. I agree that Trinh's top is beautiful!

  3. Thank you for allowing me to take part!! My daughter loves it and she usually snarls at what I make her!

    1. I understand the whole snarling thing ... I get that from my kids too :)