Monday, December 2, 2013

pattern review - the louisa dress by compangie m.

Marte, of the CompagnieM. blog, just released her newest pattern, the Louisa Dress.  I loved this pattern the very first time I saw it!  It's traditional with a modern twist, which in my view, is about as perfect as it gets :)

I was lucky enough to get to test the pattern in a size 8.  Gracie usually wears slim sizes, and this dress fits exactly how I would expect a size 8 to fit, in other words, slightly loose as usual :)  Fortunately, with this style of dress, the fit doesn't need to be perfect in order to be adorable!  If I make it again, I will probably make the size 7 with the size 8 length which is the size I normally cut when I sew for Gracie.

This pattern uses a unique construction method to install the piping around the pockets and back panels from one continuous piece, giving the whole dress a lovely finished look.  Overall, I feel (and this is only my opinion!) the pattern would be a difficult first project, but it would be fine for someone who has completed a few projects and is comfortable with basic sewing techniques. Marte also has great tutorials on her blog to aid with piping construction and zipper installation if you have never tried either of those before.

I really, really (did I say really!) love the lines of the dress, so I extended the fabric from the side panels around the front and down the sleeves.  And then I added piping everywhere the corduroy and print meet.  Then there's my favorite part of the dress, the pocket!  I'm pretty sure that was Gracie's favorite as well!

Please tell me I'm not the only person without an invisible zipper foot!  I had to improvise a bit and ended up using an exposed zipper instead.  I actually ended up liking it a lot, but my zipper installation technique left a little to be desired.  I don't think I'll be doing a tutorial on that any time soon :)

Brown corduroy - Robert Kaufman 21 wale
Pink Floral - Rosette by Fabric Traditions from Joann's
Piping - Rendezvous by Modkid Studio from Joann's
Zipper - from Walmart


  1. Looks great Teri! Thanks for participating my test and the lovely blogpost! M

    1. Thanks Marte! The Louisa is a beautiful pattern :)

  2. I love how the panel extends down the sleeves--it ties the dress together beautifully! and on the zipper foot...I have installed a few invisible zippers without it, and managed just fine. But when I needed to install 4 (for some pillows for my sister) I broke down and bought one (which for my Bernina was not cheap !!). And let me is worth every penny.!! It really makes putting in zippers so easy, fast and professional.

    1. I'm pretty sure I'll get an invisible zipper foot eventually, but it's not cheap for my Viking either :)