Thursday, November 14, 2013

the wonderful terrible twos and a knit izzy top

Mae wears pretty much everything I make, but you will probably be seeing a little less of her sweet little face for a while.  She has decided that sitting still for pictures is clearly not in her best interest.  And I have decided my sanity is important to me, ergo making Mae sit still for pictures is not in my best interest either :)  I'm assuming that since my blog is about sewing children's clothing that most of my readers are moms so I shouldn't have to have any explanation other than she's 2.  No more needs to be said :)

I won't stop posting outfits.  They just may not have a body in them until Mae decides pictures are her thing again.  Or at least until I can once again take clandestine pictures outside while disguising it as something fun ... you know, in about 6 months or so when the world thaws out.  Oh what fun it is to be a mom ... or grandma ... or aunt ... or anyone who sews for a little one :)

Today you get your first Mae-less top :)  I took my Izzy Top pattern and modified it a bit to make a knit top.  I wanted a quick project so I eliminated the gathered skirt and extended the side seams to the length I wanted.  Then I used bindings to finish the neck, sleeves and bottom.  The entire process, including modifying the pattern, took less than an hour, and I am not a fast sewer!  I can see myself making several more of these :)

I used this fun feather print from Girl Charlee accented with a red organic cotton jersey for the bands.  I really like this top and Mae must too since she wore it for the rest of the day after I tried it on for fit.  Most of the time when I tell her I want to try something on her, she tries to wiggle out of it about 5 minutes after I put it on.  She seems to understand very well that "try it one" is a temporary state :)

Feather print - Girl Charlee cotton/rayon/spandex knit
Red knit - organic cotton jersey from


  1. Don't worry about the pictures not having a model, I for sure understand where you're coming from. Almost all my photo shoots have consisted of me running far away from Mack (also 2) and then telling him to run to me while I take pictures. Haha.

    1. That's the strategy I employ when I'm outside, but I don't have that kind of space in my house :)

  2. I totally get it! Mine almost 2 and half and until just a little ago, pictures would bring up a big fight... right now, she even plays some cute poses, so there's hope.
    I love this top.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm hopeful that I will eventually get good pictures again. I just don't see it happening before spring :)