Tuesday, November 26, 2013

pattern review - prairie rose dress by wee muses

I recently had the privilege of testing the Prairie Rose Dress pattern by Wee Muses.  Foe those of you who aren't familiar with Wee Muses, the designer is Anneliese, the creative genius (and I don't use that word lightly!) who writes the Aesthetic Nest blog.  Seriously, if you haven't seen it already, go take a look for yourself.  I'm pretty sure that her creativity is endless!

Also, Anneliese is offering 20% OFF all purchases with code THANKS20 through Wednesday, December 4, on both her Wee Muses and Aesthetic Nest patterns!

I have to be honest, this pattern is nowhere close my usual sewing style, but sometimes I just like to try something different.  So when Anneliese asked me if I would like to test the pattern, I jumped at the chance.  And then promptly realized that I did not have enough of any appropriate fabric, so off to Joann's I went with my 60% off coupon in hand :)  A few months ago, I had fallen in love with this pinstripe linen (which I didn't buy at the time for some odd reason) and I really hoped it was still in stock.  Luckily it was, and not on sale to boot, so I was able to use my coupon and get it for the lovely price of $6.79/yd which isn't bad for nice linen fabric.

Once I dug this trim out of my stash, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and to work.  The pattern is great!  The instructions are easy to follow and the entire dress went together quickly and beautifully.  Right up until I was closing the opening for the waist elastic that is.  As I cut the trailing threads, I also cut a nice size hole right in the back of the skirt!  Of course, I still had to take pictures and get my review back to Anneliese, so I opted to not add trim to the bottom of the dress knowing that I would have to cut it off later.

I swear that I tried to get a picture of Mae without her fingers in her mouth, but she wasn't cooperating at all.  On that particular day, I considered myself blessed that she even stood still :)  I will also add that I intended to take pictures with a flower clip on her little elastic belt, but that poor little flower didn't even survive long enough to get in a single picture!

Since Mae has been such a stinker lately, this last picture is Mae-less.  I did end up cutting off the bottom of the dress (it makes it a perfect tunic length) and adding the trim to match the collar and sleeves.  Since Mae's kind of tiny, I actually like the shorter length better oh her, but you will just have to take my word for it since I'm unlikely to get a picture anytime soon :)

Dress - Linen
Trim - Cotton 

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