Monday, November 11, 2013

pattern review - japanese pattern book

Before I start my post, I would like to take a moment to thank all of this country's veterans.  I don't know where we would be without you, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I've given up the ghost on Pattern Review Fridays :)  It seems that the posts are just as likely to go up on Saturday or Sunday (once on Monday!) so I'm just going to post pattern reviews whenever I feel like it.  Schedules seem to stifle my creativity anyway.  The week will be rolling along just fine until I realize it's Thursday and there's no Pattern Review Friday garment sewn, let alone photographed and ready to be posted :)  So today, you get a pattern review on Monday.  Who knows, maybe next week I'll go wild and post one on a Wednesday!

Today's dress is from the Japanese sewing book A Sunny Spot.  This book, from what I can gather with my nonexistent Japanese language skills, encourages you to mix and match the pattern pieces to create unique garments.  And if it doesn't encourage that, too bad, I did it anyway :)

I started with Dress A type 1, added the sleeves from Dress B type 3 and used the back opening idea from Dress A type 2 although I fully lined the bodice for structure instead of using facings.  I made a size 90 which was perfect except it is a little tights across the back so it may not still fit next spring like I hoped.   But Mae seems to like it so I think it will get plenty of use this fall and winter :)

I love the simplicity of many Japanese patterns.  They lend themselves really well to busy prints like this floral rayon challis.  This is the first time I used that type of fabric, but I already plan to buy more because it is the perfect weight for flowy summer garments ... not that we have much need for those this time of year :)

Originally I used elastic cording to create a button hole loop, but about 5 minutes into wearing it, Mae ripped one half of the button loop right out.  So I redid the back opening with ties instead and ended up liking it better than the original button :)  Gotta love those happy accidents!

Dress - Rayon challis floral print
Tights - Baby Gap
Boots - H&M

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