Friday, November 1, 2013

pattern review friday - titchy threads fancy pants leggings

Anyone who deals with cloth diapers knows that finding leggings that fit well can be quite a challenge.  Generally, the rise is too short, the legs are too loose, and the length is too long, but at least the booty fits :) 

When Mae was tiny, the fit didn't matter too much, but now that she is so active and thinning down a lot, it's hard to find leggings that can fit over her diaper but that are still tight enough in the waist to not constantly slide down.  And yes, I realize that the obvious solution is to get her potty trained, but my kids don't seem to do that quickly, so I'm not holding out much hope for that in the near future.  Besides, I sew, so the infinitely more fun solution is to try every leggings pattern I can until I find one that fits :)

I just love Mae's chubby little feet!  I'm kind of glad she hates socks (right up until we need to go outside in the winter) because her feet are too cute to cover up :)

The first leggings pattern I tried is the Titchy Threads Fancy Pants Leggings.  And I guess I'm done searching because these fit perfectly!  I made the size 2, but used the 12-18 months waistband, and the fit is great from head to toe.  No low rise, no baggy legs, plenty of room for the diaper, and cute to boot!  What more can a girl ask for :)  Oh, they are comfy too!  Mae was doing her usual contortionist moves while taking pictures and was perfectly happy with her leggings.

I had a couple of tank tops that I didn't really like on me, but it turns out they make adorable leggings ;)  I have the opposite color combo cut out and ready to sew as well.  After all, every little girl needs a pair of bright yellow leggings.  It's like walking on sunshine :)

Once again Skittles were my friend today!  Although we eat very little candy in our house, seeing this face justifies the occasional treat :)  Although Halloween may have been a bit much.  Mae probably had more candy yesterday than she had in her entire life up until that point.  And she would not sleep last night!  And she was a bit of a grouch this morning, so I think I will stick with the no candy idea and find another way to get my pictures :)

Grey Knit - Upcycled Tank Top
Yellow Knit - Upcycled Tank Top
Shirt - H&M


  1. I was lucky to test the bigger sizes of the pattern and I loved working with this pattern. I did the shorts though.

    1. I'm sure once summer rolls around again I'll make the shorts too :)

  2. That's great to know! I recently made a pair of skinny jeans (size 2 for my 12 month old) and all I could see was a big cloth diaper! Pretty hilarious. Poor guy.

    1. Mae has almost no butt without the cloth diaper, so I think it just makes her butt look normal sized :) But skinny jeans and leggings can definitely be funny looking (in a cute way) on the cloth diapered little ones!