Wednesday, October 9, 2013

you say goodbye ... i say hello.

I suppose if I have to have a song stuck in my head all week long, it might as well be a Beatles song.  By the way, that song-stuck-in-your-head phenomenon is called earworms ... go read about it here!  Seriously, I pinned this pin last week, and I have been singing Hello, Goodbye ever since.  I was hoping that maybe if I finished my project the song might go away ... I guess I'll find out when I get up tomorrow morning :)

Although I love the look of the word hello stenciled directly on the concrete like the original pin, I didn't think Mr. B would look too kindly on me stenciling our brand new deck :)  So instead I bought a cheap doormat from Target.  Much better to replace a $4 doormat if I mess up than to replace a whole deck!

The process was rather simple.  I created a stencil - which you can get for yourself for free RIGHT HERE.  Then I "borrowed" some white acrylic paint from my kids very similar to the way they "borrow" my sewing tools and use them for nefarious purposes :)  I used a small foam brush to dab the paint on the rug, promptly removed the stencil, let it dry (kind of since it was starting to get dark) and snapped a few pictures out on the deck.  I don't know that it will hold up for very long with the type of paint I used, but it really doesn't matter since winter will be here fairly soon.  And I can always make it more permanent in the spring if I need to.

Did you know that if you read the word hello enough times, it starts to look like it's spelled wrong.  I really do know how to spell it, I promise, but while I was editing the pictures, I could swear I spelled it wrong.  I had to reassure myself several times that I wasn't going to look like a dolt when I posted this :)

I just realized this is the first tutorial(ish) thing I've done on this blog that is in no way sewing related.  Don't worry, it won't last :)  Come back tomorrow for a simple lesson on drafting a-line patterns!

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