Monday, October 21, 2013

tutorial - adding a front opening to the sally dress - part 2

I decided I couldn't leave you hanging (and your dress unfinished!) ... so here's part 2 of the tutorial :)  If you missed it yesterday, here's part 1 and here is the original dress I made with the modifications.  And if you haven't already purchased a copy of the Sally Dress pattern, you had better run (don't walk!) right here to get one of your own!

Attaching the skirt to the bodice

1. Lay the bodice flat.  Match the side seams right sides together, main fabric to main fabric and lining to lining as shown in the following picture.  Repeat on the other side.

2. Press the armscye seams well.  Your bodice is now ready to be attached to the skirt.

3. Construct the skirt as directed in the pattern.  I chose to hem my skirt at this point since I find it easier to do this before it is attached to the bodice.

4. Run gathering threads along the top of the skirt.  I personally find it easier to gather the back and front separately, but it's not necessary.

5. Gather skirt to approximately the size of the bodice.  I like to do this first because I think it's easier to gather before pinning.

6. Place skirt inside bodice with the right sides together and the top edges lined up.  Adjust the gathers to fit the bodice and pin generously.

7. Sew/serge seams.

8.  Turn right side out. Topstitch bodice 1/8" from the edge if desired.  I did choose to topstitch the dress shown in the pictures.

Main fabric - Olive Green 21 Wale corduroy from Joann's
Lining/Pockets - Colorbok from Joann's
Snaps - Kamsnaps as always


  1. This is absolutely adorable!! Thank yo for sharing!!

  2. thank you a lot, I am so happy with this tutorial !
    Hallo from Belgium.

    1. Hello to you to from Michigan! I'm glad you like the tutorial :)

  3. Good afternoon Mrs. Olson,
    I took the courage and just bouth the Sally pattern. I must say I was a little bit afraid of not getting the pattern but the service was great; within 5 minutes I received an e- mail with the pattern and I was very surprised and pleased ! I already printed the pattern and everything is OK.
    Thank you again Madam for all the beautifull explanations you always give.