Wednesday, October 16, 2013

prepping for kids clothes week

I see all these great lists that people post explaining in great detail what they plan to do to prepare for Kids Clothes Week, which is coming up next week, Oct 21-27!   And while I agree with virtually all of them regarding fabric and pattern prep, this is perhaps a more accurate list at our house.
  1. Warn my husband that the house will be a disaster Oct 21-27
  2. Disguise this week as a life lesson in survival for the kids
  3. Stockpile ready-to-reheat food (no cooking during KCW!) as if the zombie apocalypse is upon us
  4. Prepare for total sleep deprivation - what's new!
  5. Post sign at front door warning people to enter at there own risk
  6. Post another sign at door of sewing room letting those who didn't get the subtlety of the first sign that I really do mean it when I say DO NOT ENTER!
Just kidding ... mostly!  I really do feel sleep deprived ... yet oddly productive ... by the end of the week.  And I say oddly productive because usually my house looks like a tornado hit it by the time KCW has ended, so there is definitely no productivity going on in the cleaning department :)

I do have a few sewing related plans as well.  I would love to make a little fur vest for Mae from this absolutely scrumptious fabric:

And possible a Sally Dress ... I finished my first one today and I love the pattern (more on that on Friday!) ... from this fabric:

I always like to try a new pattern during KCW as well, and this time I'm thinking about sewing up the Tumble Tee from Imagine Gnats which was part of the recent SewFab pattern bundle.  I have no idea if I will actually find time for this, but a girl can dream :)

Also, I'm hoping to share one or two new free patterns.  I haven't really decided if I want to make a complete pattern that's available only in Mae's size or if it's better to do a tutorial that works for all sizes.  If things work out well, hopefully I'll be able to finish one of each :)

I really don't have any grand plans this time, just hoping to have some fun and get some sewing done!  Never mind ... I just read my blog post and those plans seem pretty grand to me :)  What about you?  Do you make plans for KCW or just sew as you go?  Make sure to visit the KCW blog ... there are some great giveaways going on this week!


  1. Ha ha I love your checklist!!! I wish I could say the same but we haven't seen my hubby since Sept. 1 and he will be here for KCW go figure!!! I'm not complaining though, it will be heavenly to see him.

    1. I'm sure my list would look different if I hadn't seen my husband for over a month! Enjoy your time with him - the sewing will wait :)