Monday, October 7, 2013

playroom update

So the September 26th deadline has come and gone ... and the future playroom looks pretty much the same as when I started.  Not being able to move much for a few weeks while my back healed really put a damper on my plans ... not that my goals were realistic in the first place!  Here's my original list with the finished items crossed off:

  1. Empty out room
  2. Sell Bolts of Fabric - Anyone need any fabric circa 2005-2006?????
  3. Sell excess craft stuff - I don't scrapbook or make jewelry any more so it has to go
  4. Sell cloth diapers, many of which were never used since I had enough to diaper a small country (insert a what in the world was I thinking moment here!)
  5. Sell sewing cabinet I no longer use
  6. Sort through misc electronic equipment and sell what we don't use
  7. Have hubby go through photography equipment (including backdrops) and determine what to keep and what to sell/donate
  8. Clean out cabinet (not shown in picture) built by my grandpa and find a new home for it
  9. Finish Base boards
  10. Repair walls
  11. Paint trim
  12. Paint walls
  13. Make and hang curtains
  14. Go to IKEA to buy storage furniture (probably the only fun thing I get to do!)
  15. Put together IKEA furniture
  16. Hang coat/backpack hooks along long wall
  17. Install high shelf for photography storage
  18. Move all the toys into the room
That's right ... the only thing I've actually done is go shopping :)  I bought two of these and two of these and some coat hooks and shelf brackets like the ones shown in this picture.  This room needs to serve as a mudroom/backpack storage/photography equipment storage area as well as a playroom, so I'm really trying to organize it well.  I'm still on the lookout for some cool baskets that can sit on top of the shelf to hold the out-of-season gear that we seem to accumulate so much of in our house. I put together a (very basic) mood board with some ideas, but I probably would have been better off spending the time crossing stuff off my to do list :)

Luckily,  my back is feeling better (for now!) so I have every intention of getting my butt in gear and cleaning out the room this week.  I'll be back to update (hopefully with better looking pictures) in a few weeks :)

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