Saturday, October 5, 2013

pattern review friday - heidi & finn urban hoodie

I really think I should change the name of this feature to Pattern Review Saturday ... although I probably wouldn't get it posted until Sunday if I did :)

This week I made the Urban Hoodie by Heidi & Finn.  I originally bought the pattern a little over two years ago when Gracie wore a 5T thinking I would make a few for her.  Yeah, that didn't turn out quite the way I imagined :)  Luckily, Mae now fits perfectly into the 2T, so she is the proud owner of a new Urban Hoodie!

Overall, I love the pattern.  The directions were quite simple to follow and the pattern itself was easy to sew and fits Mae very well.  I don't think this would be a good first project for anyone, but it is appropriate for a confident beginner.  That's one of the things I love most about Heidi & Finn patterns.  You get a really nice finished product without a lot of fuss.

I only made two minor modifications to the original pattern.  The bottom band is slightly wider that the pattern calls for because I wanted the hoodie just a smidge longer.  Also, the sleeve cuffs are slightly narrower so they would stay above Mae's hands.

I chose to make this a true Michigan fall jacket (i.e. warm enough for most southern winters) by making it out of cotton velour and lining it with a bamboo french terry.  Hopefully, this should take us all the way to the end of October :)  After that point, most everything has to be wind proof, lined in sherpa and filled with down to keep you warm!

I thought it would be fun to use color blocking on this hoodie.  After all, Mae will only be two once, and I'm guessing there is a limited time frame when you can get away with this particular color combo :)  And since it's bright already, why not combine it with sunshine yellow leggings!  To be honest, I like it so much that Mae will probably be sporting this combo a few times this fall.  Oh, and please try to ignore the giant cloth diaper booty under the leggings.  Mae had just gotten up from a nap (hence the wonderful hairdo) and she was wearing one of her "fluffier" diapers :)

Outside - Cotton velour
Lining - Bamboo french terry
Lining - Upcycled t-shirt from Old Navy
Snaps - Kamsnaps (as always!)
Leggings - Old Navy

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