Friday, October 11, 2013

pattern review friday - bimaa sweater

The first time I saw the Bimaa Sweater pattern, I knew I had to sew it.  It didn't just call to me ... it reached right through my computer screen, grabbed me by my hair and yelled "buy me" as loud as it could ... and you'd be amazed at just how loud a pattern can yell :)  My only problem was deciding whether to buy the SewFab bundle (there were only a few patterns that I actually see myself sewing) or to purchase this pattern separately, but much to everyone's no one's surprise, I did end up getting sucked into the Sew Fab mania :)

For the first sweater I used a stretch velvet.  I bought it at a sewing expo a few weeks ago, and under fabric content, it literally said mixed fibers.  I'm guessing it has both cotton and polyester just by the look and feel, but it has an almost metallic look so there may be something else mixed in as well.  It does have a 4-way stretch like the pattern calls for, but I think the fabric was a little too thick, so the cowl thing kind of gets in Mae's way.  She kept accidentally eating the cowl neck instead of her chips while we were taking pictures today :)

I thought the pattern was a bit smaller than a typical size 2T but they have been because of my fabric choice.  I did check and make sure the pattern printed correctly before I made a second one just in case that was the problem, but it wasn't.  So I decided to try again with a different fabric.  This time I upcycled an old lightweight super stretchy maternity shirt of mine that I saved specifically to reuse the fabric since I love the color.  Here's the before:

And here's the much cuter after :)  I used an ITY jersey print (also purchased at the sewing expo) for the cowl neck.  I kind of like this look since it resembles an infinity sweater, but at the same time I think it looks a little too old for Mae.  She's my baby!  She's not allowed to look more sophisticated than me :)

After a started sewing I discovered a small hole on one of the sleeves.  Hence the elbow patches :) Isn't that when things are always discovered ... right in the middle when you have no choice but to improvise.  I swear no one ever says "right before I started, I found a hole and was able to make an easy change."  The patches aren't placed exactly where I wanted them, but the existing hole pretty much dictated the placement.  Sometimes you just have to work with what you've got!

I made a small change to the pattern and omitted the bands at the hem and the sleeves and instead used the existing hems of the original shirt.  I think if (who am I trying to kid!) when I make it again, I will probably add the bands because they make the top look like more than a simple t-shirt.

My oldest accompanied me on our photo shoot today.  He's a good sport and loves his little sister.  He was the one feeding her the above mentioned chips :)  Anyway, I love this picture!  I swear I didn't plan it, in fact I didn't even realize until I looked at the picture later, but Seth and Mae are perfectly synchronized! It feels like Seth was Mae's size just a little bit ago ... he's growing up way too fast :(

I'll be back later today with the tutorial I promised on Monday.  But this time I'm not making any promises, just in case :)

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