Tuesday, October 29, 2013

kcw wrap-up and what's next

For the first time ever I managed to complete a project Every. Single. Day. of Kids Clothes Week.  I generally don't have that kind of discipline so it was a pleasant surprise even for me!  I made 3 tops, 2 dresses, one vest and one skirt ... and yes, I did stop and check my math real quick to make sure that added up to seven :)  There was even a free pattern and a tutorial thrown in the mix, so I'm calling the week a success.  Of course I still feel like a slug compared to Rachel from Imagine Gnats who made 32 (!!!!) articles of clothing, but we can't all be that productive :)

You might have noticed there are only six pictures.  Even I have a tough time getting excited about a basic black skirt so I didn't think anyone would mind if I left out the picture.  If you really feel the need to see it, click here :)

Now that Kids Clothes Week is done, I need to determine what comes next.  When I first started blogging, all I wanted to do was keep a record of my sewing projects and share them with anyone who might be interested.  Along the way, I realized that I love drafting patterns, perhaps even more than sewing ... GASP!  So now I have some questions to ask myself and some decisions to make.  But in the mean time I will keep sewing, sewing, sewing ... kind of like Dory in Finding Nemo :)


  1. It was a productive week. I can't stop loving the Izzy top... really have to try to make one myself too. =D

    1. Congrats on the productive week ... I'm a bit jealous :) And I'd love to see a picture of your Izzy top if you make one!