Tuesday, October 15, 2013

greenstyle lucy slope hooded t-shirt

My blog is pretty much centered on sewing for kids, specifically kids clothes.  There is the occasional post like this one or this one that are not sewing related at all, but almost all sewing I do is for my kids.  I have never really tried any adult patterns because I don't like sewing for myself.  But Ruthie is now big enough to wear a women's XS, so I have ventured into the world of adult sewing patterns :)

I really don't think there are too many differences between kids and adult patterns, but here are a few that I noticed:
  1. Adult patterns take a lot of fabric!  I have been spoiled by the small amounts of fabric necessary to sew a size 2 ... since I don't sew many ruffles, most patterns use only about 1 yard of fabric.
  2. Getting the correct fit can be tricky.  It's much easier to sew when a person has a 19" chest and a 19" waist :)
  3. Bigger things just plain take longer ... more cutting, more ironing and more sewing.
Those items aside, I really did enjoy my first foray into women's patterns. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a tester for the Lucy Slope Hooded T-Shirt pattern by Greenstyle Creations.  It is a really great pattern!  You can get the add-on pack here if you already own the Lucy Tank, or you can buy the entire pattern here

I made Ruthie an XS according to the measurements found in the pattern, and the top fit perfectly!  I had to make a couple of modifications because I used an extremely thin, almost sheer knit that I found recently at a sewing expo.  I chose to line the entire shirt (except the sleeves) with white jersey, so my construction method was quite a bit different than the pattern.  Hopefully, I'll get a chance to make another one soon and create a tutorial for adding a lining :)

This pattern offers several options that I really think make it exceptional.  You have the choice to make a tank or you can add long sleeves with an optional cuff with thumb hole cut-out.  The Lucy tank can also be finished with or without a hood and in either a standard or tunic length. 

Lightweight rayon jersey
Medium weight white cotton jersey

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