Thursday, October 24, 2013

back to basics - kcw day 4

Sometimes I get so busy sewing a bunch of elaborate projects or trying out new patterns that I forget to focus on the basics.  I'm sure most people are guilty of that considering so many KCW blog posts start out with "what she really needs is some leggings/basic shirts/pajamas..."  So today/s project is very basic but serves a purpose i.e. boring to use the technical term :)

That's right, I made a drop waist solid black corduroy skirt to go with Mae's Dora the Explorer Halloween shirt.  It doesn't get much more basic than that.  And you don't even get cute pictures of Mae to go with it, although I promise I'll be back with a few of those tomorrow :)

This skirt took about 30 minutes, so I didn't even get my hour of sewing today.  Maybe I'll try to squeeze a little more in tonight after the kids go to bed, or maybe I'll just be lazy :)

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