Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a giraffe vest - just because

I was at Joann's last week buying the stuff I needed to finish this project, and I was lucky enough to have Mary cutting my fabric.  Mary is probably my favorite person at the store.  She's chatty, always friendly, and avid quilter, and she even teaches classes.  So, as usual, I was talking to her while she cut my fabric and she asked me what I was planning on making.  I swear, every Joann's employee does this when cutting, and one of these times I'm going to tell them the truth ... no plans, just a fabric hoarder :)  Anyway, our conversation went something like this:

Mary: What are you planning to make?  Let me guess, a Halloween costume.

Me:  No.  I'm making a vest for my daughter.

Mary:  Oh, into the animal prints is she?

Me:  Well no, she's only two.

Mary:  Oh, so you just like them?

Me:  Um ... not really.

At this point I'm sure Mary is trying to figure out why I'm buying a fabric that neither Mae nor I actually like.  Honestly, now I'm starting to question it myself.  There was definitely a long pause at this point while I tried to figure out what to say :)

Me:  It just sounded like fun, and her grandma loves giraffes. (While this is technically true, I know for a fact that she loves giraffe print on giraffes, not anywhere else!)

Mary:  Well, she's only two.  I guess you can dress them however you want at that age.

I would like to thank Mary for her ever cheerful (and tactful!) way of saying that I'm nuts, but since my daughter is young, hopefully my awful fashion sense shouldn't mess her up too badly :)

It turns out, Mae likes faux giraffe fur vests just fine, although she likes cheese a lot more :)  I have the weirdest kids ... I could not get Mae to sit still for a picture until I gave her a piece of cheese, and not just any cheese, but the good stuff ... Aged Vermont Cheddar.  Faux fur and fancy cheese ... what can I say, the girl knows what she likes!

The inspiration for this vest came from this pin of a Zara fur vest.  Originally I was going to use the pink fur I posted last week, but I couldn't find coordinating fabrics or the zipper I wanted in pink, so I scrapped the pink and started from scratch while in Joann's, which led to my lovely conversation with Mary :)

I also planned on writing a tutorial for the vest, but as I was sitting there drafting a pattern, I realized I had no idea how I was going to put it together or even if the design idea would work, so I nixed the tutorial idea and just concentrating a trying to get the vest together correctly.  To say it was not easy would be a gigantic, humongous understatement.  I don't think I've ripped that many seams or redone so much on a single piece of clothing ever in my life.  Also, it been so long since I put in a zipper that I couldn't even remember if I owned a zipper foot!  But it was worth it ... I think ... ask me next week once I've put some distance between me and the vest :)

Mae also likes loves practically lives for chocolate, specifically the Hershey's kiss I bribed her with :)

Faux fur - Joann's
Lining - Joann's nursery print
Leather trim - Distressed Faux Leather from Joann's
Zipper - Joann's
Pants & Shirt - H&M


  1. I think this turned out darling. It looks a lot like the inspiration photo too. Great job!

    1. Thank you! It did turn out how I hoped, so I was happy with it :)