Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the path to blogging ... it all started with a diaper

A few years ago, I had absolutely no idea what a blog was.  I was busy with five little kids, and my computer time (what little there was) was spent mostly on message boards like BabyCenter or doing crazy things like reading the news so I didn't sound like a complete imbecile in one of my rare adult conversations :)  If someone had used the word blog in a conversation, I'm pretty sure I would have nodded and mumbled something as if I knew what they were talking about. By the way, that totally doesn't work.  My kids are old enough that they have started to do this to me, and I now know that you have to be a really good actor to pull it off convincingly.  And obviously none of my kids are going to win an Oscar anytime soon!

Insert some harp music and a flashback here :)  Then, in a "where has this been my whole life" kind of moment, while reading about cloth diapers, I discovered that this whole virtual blogging world existed.

I'm pretty sure that in the next few weeks after this "discovery" my house turned into a disaster zone, my kids ran around like heathens and I accomplished absolutely nothing.  I miss those days :)  Oh wait, that's still my life! 

Anyway (the flashback is over now) once Mae was born I relied on several blogs (along with other sewing resources) to learn how to properly sew a diaper. I tried a couple of commercial diaper patterns, most of which were excellent patterns, but I never found one that fit Mae quite like I wanted.  So I decided to create my first digital sewing pattern which eventually led me to create a blog of my own once I realized how much fun it is to share my creations with other sewing crazies lunatics enthusiasts :)

I know that this diaper pattern won't be useful for a lot of people since the cloth diaper sewing community is still rather small, but hopefully someone will be able to use this :)  It should fit from approximately 12 - 25 pounds depending on build.  Mae is about 25 pounds right now and isn't on the loosest snap setting yet, but I don't think she represents the average baby :)

The pattern doesn't include any directions, but there are a multitude of diaper sewing tutorials, and I don't believe that any tutorial I write will improve upon the existing ones, several of which are very thorough and easy to follow.  I'll try to come back later and add a few links to this post :)


  1. I thought about sewing diapers for my youngest but was having too much fun sewing clothes. And you manage to sew with 5 kids? That's awesome!

    1. I actually have 6 kids, but to be honest, I sew more now than I did with 5 :) I thinks it's because they are getting older - it's hard to carve out sewing time with little ones!