Tuesday, September 17, 2013

back pain = no sewing :(

After spending several hours in urgent care on Sunday afternoon, I've been officially diagnosed with back pain.  It's a good thing I spent my time (and money!) seeing a highly trained individual so he could determine that I have back pain :)  Because, after all, I might not have figured that out on my own.  And I'm not pregnant and I don't have a urinary tract infection, which they tested for, even though I told them I had been having the pain off and on since my last pregnancy (over two years now!), which pretty much ruled out both options without further testing.  What a great use of medical resources!  But he did get me some pretty strong pain relievers (that I won't take anyway) and told me to see my family doctor to run more tests.  Next time, I think I'll skip urgent care!

So, since I can't bend over or sit comfortably unless my feet are up, I can't sew.  Trust me, I tried.  And then I tried again, just in case I was wrong the first time :)  I guess I'm not a very quick learner!

My back is slowly getting better, but it will probably be a few days before I get to use my machine again, so no Project Run & Play sew along this week :(  Although you should definitely go check out the great looks from both the contestants and sew along participants which are amazing as always!

I am taking this forced inactivity opportunity to get some pattern drafting done.  Here's a couple of (not-so-great) pictures of the next pattern I plan to share:

It's based in the Izzy dress that I shared here, or not here ... fascinating, my original post ... and the pictures in the post ... all seem to have disappeared from the blog.  Oh well, here's a picture of the original dress:

The shirt can be finished on the bottom with an elastic casing to create a bubble effect or can simply be hemmed.  I'll also include an option to make a dress with a double hem like the one above, but that will probably have to wait until another day :)  Hopefully I'll have the shirt pattern ready by next week :)

The Izzy Top pattern is now available here in sizes 18 months - 5.


  1. Sorry to hear you have back pain! I've had it too on and off with my pregnancies...and beyond and it pretty much is the worst! So I feel for you and hope you can sew again soon! I had to bow out this week as well...just no time!!

    1. I wish nobody could "feel for me" when it comes to back pain. It's debilitating at times, and according to the doctor, the only thing I can do is take pain medication :(